How to choose fashion prom dress 2016

Junior high school girls preparing for prom, have an advantage – they are young and can experiment endlessly in search of his unique and individual style. Experiments also apply to prom dresses which can be classic and outrageous. How to choose a prom dress 2016 to become prom Queen?

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Fashionable dresses for prom 2016: styles and colors

As an outfit for the prom you can choose the classic lush dress – long, with a corset, cap. From neckline better to abstain, instead, you can prefer a dress with a modest neckline. Depending on which way you want to create a sophisticated and festive – you can choose dresses with slight ruffles, folds, Drapes, or dresses, which, on the contrary, not overloaded with unnecessary details.

Another favorite option for prom is formal dress, when you choose which you want to avoid a too short length to a refined dress outfit do not become tasteless and defiant. Gentle shades or vivid bright colors, modesty and a minimum of details or ruffles, Assembly and tacks for cocktail dresses fits all. In combination with a clutch, sandals or high heels will create a memorable image.

As for color, in 2016 are virtually all popular shades – from bold and bright to soft and pastel, but the favourites are still there – gold, silver, turquoise, ink, coral, black, fuchsia.

Wondering how to choose a prom dress 2016, it is important to remember one of the main rules you need to be oriented not only on fashion trends, but also how the dress looks on her figure. Even the most fashionable dress depending on features of a figure can look ugly and funny, that could easily ruin a long-awaited prom.

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