What is the male attractiveness

Psychologists conducted a study of male attractiveness.
The preferences of the ladies have long been interested in and interested in men. And scientists also it’s curious.

В чем заключается мужская привлекательность

Specialists from South Wales conducted a number of studies which found out that women are very attracted to men with 10-day stubble. And abundant vegetation in the chin is testimony to the excellent skills of the parent plan.

In the experiment, which was devoted to this issue, was attended by about three hundred women and two hundred men. The experiment participants were shown the images, which were attended by men with different vegetation. In the first experiment disappeared the men, whose face was clean-shaven, ladies preferred the more masculine face with a slight stubble.

Photographs must be assessed in accordance with a number of parameters: the level of attractiveness and masculinity, health of the opponent as well as the data of the parent plan. Specialists paid attention even to insignificant differences in physical and emotional condition of the dam, including the impact of contraceptives and the menstrual cycle. These indicators, as the experts say, have had a major influence on those or other preferences.

In 2008, the year similar research was conducted by British specialists. At that time scientists came to a similar conclusion, but in that moment the conversation was about a short relationship. However, men’s beard and then made men masculine and harsher.

The results of these studies give reason to celebrate men who prefer to shave with a 10-day break.

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