Difficulties first date

Every girl you asked out, it is worth remembering the most important thing – from the first date, and what impression you make on people will depend on absolutely everything in the further development of your relationship. So how to behave girl, that first date became the last one?

Трудности первого свидания

First you need to remember the most basic rule – do not tell your young person a lot about themselves, in order not to overload it with unnecessary information and not to focus only on yourself. One should not brag and fishing for compliments.

Try to avoid topics of financial position, who how much earns. Also, we should not focus on bad habits, illnesses, ex-partners is not a topic for conversation on a first date.

Avoid in a conversation so that you have different views. If this topic has been raised, you should try to change the topic of conversation, most removing him from the conflict conversation. Allow the guy to show off their knowledge – make a surprised face and do not apply mind that you have already heard.

Also better to switch off the mobile phone, in order to avoid talking on the phone. If you will be distracted by the phone, the partner will think that you with it’s boring and not interesting. And not worth it in the end of the meeting to ask the question: will he call? In this moment, as a rule, guys are trying to take the initiative.

Anyway, we should try to get from date as many positive emotions, after watching and flirting with the guy you like is always beautiful.

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