Tips for married couples

The rules of conduct of married couples was formed by several centuries. People have developed a number of simple conditions by which the marriage of two people can be safe and happy.

Советы для супружеских пар

1. People should be tolerant to each other. It is important to try to understand the opinion of another person regardless of the situation. It is believed that most achieve the most success are exactly those pairs that are from the beginning completely accept and understand each other.

2. More attention should be paid to positive sides of your cohabitation. Rather than dwell on the shortcomings, you should pay attention to the benefits of your life and appreciate them much more. One should not expect remuneration for the love of another person.

3. You should share everything with your loved one regardless, the event is positive or negative. Remember that you are one team.

4. A quarrel is better to avoid. Those situations cannot be avoided, try to go as gently as possible. In any case, do not resort to a sharp «jabs» and comments. To better resolve the conflict before it gets out of your control.

5. If you think your marriage has serious problems, it is necessary to immediately begin the search for yield and effective tips. Don’t wait till the moment when it will be too late. It is proven that those couples who are seeking decisions from the outset are much more likely to go «out of the water dry».

6. Do not forget about relatives. Because they can at any time come up with absolutely any question or request. Besides, your loved ones can assess the situation «from outside» that will give good results.

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