The rules of the first kiss

In many respects kissing on the first date depends the fate of future relations. So it is advisable to think in advance all… But the first to draw their attention?

Правила первого поцелуя

Of course, when kiss is important to ensure fresh breath. It is quite suitable for peppermint candy. It is possible to prepare in advance and to use before a date. Also to freshen breath suitable carrots or herbs like celery and parsley.

Preferably before a date to clean the teeth toothpaste with propolis. Lipstick should be avoided because it causes some inconvenience. Instead of decorative fondant is fine colourless. To improve the appearance of the lips it is recommended to make a honey mask. Lips to improve their appearance need sometimes to massage. This can be done with the edge of his palm. Thereafter, they apply honey.

Another problem associated with kisses – copious saliva. But it is important to note that the saliva on an empty stomach, and the less you need to eat more often. Kissing is desirable soon after meal.

We can distinguish several types of kisses. A regular kiss is when the lips touch only slightly soundlessly. When the kiss strong pressure of the lips stronger. Kiss type pinch is when the lips partners capture a bit of the skin fold. With this type of kisses is easier to find each other’s erogenous zones. A kiss on the Hickey more intense. When the skin with the effort of sucking, and while sucking it. There is playful kiss, when your partner little bites lip partner.

There are many other kinds of kisses. And each couple can find something more suitable.

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