What is dowsing and how to use them

People started biolokatsiya over 4000 years ago. Already at that time, they accurately determined the danger zone. Now the pendulums used by adherents of alternative medicine, geologists, etc. Through this tool, people find buried treasures, underground streams and much more.

Что такое биолокации и как их использовать

With the help of a pendulum you can find out the truth if you told your interlocutor. In addition, it helps to identify the presence of a disease. You can get the answer to almost any question.

Who can become an operator of biolocation? In principle, each. However, you will need to «shake» their abilities.

The pendulum can be almost any object. For example, earring, ring, nut, or anything else. The subject is suspended to the filament. It is best if it will have a length of about 30 cm.

When you have experience in conducting bilocali, you can purchase a pendulum that is specifically designed for these lessons.

The questions of the Universe need to ask clearly. If the pendulum began to swing back and forth, the answer is positive. As for the vibrations left-right, they give a negative answer. Movement round said «don’t know».

With the pendulum it is best to work from five until six in the morning or from midnight to midnight. Another time to ask questions of the Universe should not be.

About an hour before turning to the Universe you don’t need any snacking or drinking beverages. After all, you will need a lot of energy. So you should not force the body to spend power digesting food. However, drinking a glass of cranberry juice does not interfere.

Experts do not recommend dowsing after suffering stress. Otherwise, the pendulum can give wrong answers to questions.

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