How to improve health through Feng Shui

While we have good health we pay health little attention. But when the problem starts in this sphere, everything else (money, career) is shifted on the second plan. In the teachings of Feng Shui health promotion is of great importance, because it affects all aspects of our lives.

Гармонизация стихий по феншуй укрепляет здоровье

Feng Shui for health is based on harmony of the five elements (fire, metal, wood, water, earth). The elements must be in equilibrium, otherwise households can receive the disease.

Consider what health problems cause an imbalance of each of the elements.

  • Fire leads to the development of insomnia, anxiety intensifies, weakens the memory.
  • The excessive growth of the elements of the earth reduces the immune system, causes digestive problems.
  • The tree leads to impaired vision.
  • The metal contributes to the emergence of diseases of the lungs.
  • Water causes disorders of the nervous system, may have an allergic reaction.

To balance the energy of the elements in Feng Shui using the Bagua grid, superimposing it on a flat plan, or determine the conformity of the sectors of the visual elements. While the Northern sector will correspond to the element of water, North-East – land, East wood, etc.

Watch what interior items are in place, and what better to rearrange.

If in any sector the excess of fire can be hung in a picture of him in quiet tones, but not with the image of water.

The lack of this element of the earth can be compensated by placing the pot of flowers.

A symptom of an excess of wood is a pile of heavy furniture, remove bulky items. The lack of this element can help indoor plants or green items.

The excess metal is where a lot of metal objects. Reduce it by hanging in the Gaza cheerful drawings or pictures. To remedy the lack of metal will help the bells and the music of the wind.

A mess or a large number of attributes in the water sector creates excess water. The disadvantage of this element is compensated by the images of fountains and ponds.

In addition to the harmonization of the elements in Feng Shui there are other rules to promote health. For example, if residents of the house began to get sick often, you can «ring out» the room bells or bypass all home with a candle.

It is important that the Lounges were not directed so-called poisoned arrows – sharp corners of furniture or other objects. From the point of view of Feng Shui, it is harmful to sleep under beams and mounted designs, including chandeliers.

Improve health promote symbols of health and longevity – crane, deer, hare, peach, bamboo. And act as figures of animals and plants and their image. You can put them either in the Eastern sector, or in the center of the apartment.

Of course, health is impossible without movement, nutrition and rest. The correct way of life in conjunction with the harmonization of space of Feng Shui will allow you to enjoy life for many years.

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