Easter dessert: the egg out of felt

Here’s another very simple Easter crafts suitable for creative beginners or quiet family evenings with children.

Пасхальный сувенир: яйцо из фетра своими руками

This Easter dessert will be the perfect gift for family, friends or acquaintances for Easter, and crafts do not need big spending on consumables.

Felt for this DIY you will need: several sheets of felt in different colors, colored thread, needles, remnants of lace (or other material for decoration), a little material for stuffing (cotton wool, hollofayber, etc.), a narrow ribbon or lace.


1. Paper make pattern according to the proposed template.

Пасхальный сувенир: яйцо из фетра своими руками

2. For one crafts need to cut out two felt piece.

3. Next sew the front side of both halves of the egg the pieces of lace (as shown in photo above), or beads, beads, sequins, pretty buttons, different finish on the taste and desire.

4. Carefully sew the felt parts, leaving unsewn the sharp end of the egg.

5. Through the unsewn cut put inside the eggs the stuffing, tie the ends of the lace or ribbon, sewing crafts, attach the ribbon so that the egg can be suspended. The place where a sewn-in lace, you can also decorate with ribbon, beads or buttons.

Hack ready. Make several such Souvenirs of different colors.

Helpful hint: if you do not find the beads to make the garland look elegant, enough to decorate both sides of the egg is the simplest of embroidery, such as in the photo below.

Пасхальный сувенир: яйцо из фетра своими руками

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