What is the condition and whether it is necessary?

The word «renovation» has become so familiar that we almost don’t think about what lies behind this concept.

Что такое евроремонт и нужен ли он?

In Soviet times the word was understood to be the repair repair, consisting, usually, of a light interior renovation (plaster ceiling, changing the Wallpaper, repainting of Windows, doors, batteries and oil paint) or capital needed in case of problems with the design of the building. Strict standards aimed at ensuring the safety of residents, did not allow the imagination to roam, and the technology of production of construction materials were not as sophisticated. Though concrete, glass and wood enabled the architects to come up with unusual moves, but after construction there may have been only minor changes.

After Perestroika came to us, many Western habits, including in the field of repair. The usual repair was ashamed to boast, after all, in Vogue the culture of consumption, implying the need for big spending on things prestigious. And, of course, repair with the prefix «Euro» has become a necessity for wealthy citizens.

On the websites of the companies offering services on repair, you can find many explanations why it is necessary to do the renovation, and the reasons for hiring a trained designer, the selection of expensive materials, the conclusion of the contract with their highly skilled craftsmen. But it is necessary to grasp in advertising text, one can find many subtle exaggeration and outright distortions. For example, it’s hard to argue with the choice of furniture, if you mean quality work using good materials, equipment, shift communications for optimal usage of modern technology, which will be filled with the apartment or house. However, the claims of certain companies that repair involves laying out a mosaic of glass and marble, the desire to use for the decoration of the premises of multi-level ceilings and most original material for finishing floors, clues to future customer what to do the walls without corners, look just like poorly hidden desire to profit.

So, whether to order the «repair»? Of course, you should not rely on those who want to earn on us companies to agree with a self-assured designer and pay for the frills that characterize not renovated, and the elite. For a standard flat enough to choose the most durable and safe materials, to order a change of dilapidated utilities (plumbing, electrical). Pay attention to the little things, which make life easier, for example, to increase the number of electrical outlets, because the use of a large number of unsafe extension cords. And, most importantly, remember that in Europe there is no uniform «European standard» for repairs, which means «renovation» is just a convenient word for a beautiful, but empty advertising, carrying only extra cost to the client.

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