Linoleum for kitchen

Linoleum has long been used as flooring in our homes and apartments. It has worked well for so many years. And today, the main problem is the problem of choice of quality coatings. You need to know all of this material.

Линолеум для кухни

When choosing floor coverings on the kitchen, it is important to consider many indicators. A kitchen floor must be durable, because we are here to drop a plate, Cup or pan, easy to clean, it also should not be afraid of moisture. Also the floor should not be afraid of stains, grease or water.

What are the floors in your kitchen, also strongly depends on the overall interior of the apartment. It is also important to make the right base for the floor that the floor served longer. Possible before laying the new coating will have to lay the subfloor first, aligning it.

On how well you prepare the surface depends on the service of flooring, because for the correct selection of materials and the coating should talk with a specialist. If it is assumed that the floor in the kitchen will be warm, then you need to do the pre-heating device, it is possible to turn to professionals. And, by the way, the flooring will need to pick up given the fact that the floor will be heated.

Artificial or natural linoleum is quite a good option for floor covering in the kitchen. He has a lot of advantages. Its attractive price is the most nice plus. Also today, it can be represented in this design that you will not be able to distinguish it from the floorboard or tiles.

Produced synthetic high-quality linoleum will easily last you 10 years, it has very high wear resistance, it is easy to form a normal sound and heat insulation. But for kitchen it is better to choose a more durable linoleum, which are equipped with a reinforced protective layer.

Linoleum is a very practical material, it is most easy to clean, very easy to clean. It should also be noted that lay on the kitchen linoleum on their own is very simple, also do not need to apply to construction organizations.

Manufacturers offer us the linoleum bright colors, patterned or unusual patterns and textures. He is easily able to imitate a metal covering, stone flooring, tile, etc. are very popular nowadays linoleum in the form of tiles that subsequently develop in your home in an unusual pattern or a complete picture.

Before buying only need to read the markings specified on the linoleum — as in DIY stores, some types of this coating are intended only for installation in non-residential premises, for example, they are suitable for balconies.

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