The roof of Keramoplast is profitable and safe

Every home should have a solid roof, so he could withstand all the vagaries of nature. Many people choose the device of a roof from Keramoplast, since this material has already positively prove itself. But what it represents, what are its advantages, is it worth to use it?

Кровля керамопласт - выгодно и надежно

The material for the roof, as Keramoplast on the market of construction materials have not so recently. Consumers often ask: what is the roof made of Keramoplast better than other materials?

The leaves of Keramoplast has a wavy shape different size and multiple colors. In its chemical composition consists of natural elements, polymer plastic pigments for colouring material and clay. In the manufacture of Keramoplast pigmentary substances are added directly to the molding compound that provides color stability, which will not be lost in the operation. And also it is environmentally friendly since it does not have harmful carcinogens.

The surface of this roofing material has a thickness of five millimeters and is found in 2 kinds:

— rough;

— smooth.

Since this roofing material is not heavy compared with the usual slate, it is convenient to use even when covering large buildings and structures, and it is very suitable for various constructions. Keramoplast it is easy to Politica, cut and drilled, which saves time for construction work. It is very popular for the roof in private homes, as it has a lifetime of thirty years. This gives confidence to the owner that such roof is of high quality and durable.

The top layer of the roof endures temperature extremes. For this reason, construction work on the installation of the roof can be made in the most unfavorable climate. Keramoplast is very popular in the construction of private houses on the sea, as well as in storage facilities, where various chemicals and fertilizers. Why? Yes because he brings great influence of different acids, chemicals, alkalis and salts.

Today, such material as Keramoplast honestly struggling in the market of building materials for the first place with the end of the twentieth century. This struggle is due to a number of advantages, which is characterized by Keramoplast – compliance, ease of installation, variety of colors, etc.

It is useful to recall the decorative color of roofing material Keramoplast. His diverse color palette that will help you accomplish any style of a private house or other buildings. And due to the complete staining of the entire thickness of the material paints with lightfast pigments, the material will not fade in the sun or wash off in the rain. Keramoplast, simulated under tiles, mosaic and other patterns.

A huge plus is that the leaves of Keramoplast, during their installation on the roof, do not miss the sound of rain and hail, that is, provide excellent sound insulation and resistance against moisture. Also, the material has insulating abilities that do not allow to penetrate the cold inside.

So, to sum up. Assembly and installation of the roof of Keramoplast the most economically advantageous, since material properties have excellent qualities and ensure reliable and durable operation.

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