The advantages and disadvantages of suspended ceilings

In the modern construction techniques have recently become widely applied to ceilings. Their attractiveness is due to the presence of a large number of positive qualities.

Преимущества и недостатки натяжных потолков

During repair, everyone wants to diversify the interior of your home. The use of suspended ceilings allows to realize the most daring design decisions. This can be a material with any picture from starry sky paintings, landscapes.

Structurally, the suspended ceiling is a fairly dense PVC film, stretched on specmarks. The film surface can be matte or glossy. Colors can be any. Thanks to a number of positive qualities, such ceilings have found extensive application. Here you can select the following:

  • Stretch ceiling has a very dramatic appearance – it is possible to realize any design decision.
  • Ceiling made of PVC film covers all the flaws of the existing ceiling and does not require additional labor-intensive preparatory activities.
  • Ceiling mounted very quickly – no more than 5 hours if you involve the specialists of the companies specializing in suspended ceilings.
  • Stretch ceiling is inherently environmentally friendly, because film is applied, with all the modern quality standards. If a new film and there is a smell, it lasts a few days as with any new thing.
  • Such a ceiling is not afraid of damp, mould, and at the most critical moment to save expensive furniture of the home, if the neighbours from above will leak water.
  • Stretch ceiling is easy to clean with a wet cloth.
  • If the ceiling was soaked because of leaks from the top after pumping the water it is easily brought to the initial condition.
  • Durability can also be attributed to the pluses. Because the ceilings in our practice not so long ago, we accurately determine their maximum life quite difficult.

With all these positive qualities stretch ceilings have their disadvantages, which include: a significant price, which declined, but still remains quite high. The reason is that high-quality ceiling requires the use of expensive materials and skilled professionals. Disadvantages:

  • Film the ceiling, though quite durable, but is very afraid of piercing and cutting items – this should always be remembered.
  • The film has a limited width, so almost all the ceilings have the connecting seams, which, however, are hard to see and does not spoil the overall picture.

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