Some aspects of choosing tiles for a small bathroom

Many experts agree that tile is one of the best finishing materials for the bathroom. However, there are some niceties of selection of tiles, if the bathroom size is small.

Некоторые аспекты выбора плитки для маленькой ванной комнаты

Purpose and objective choosing the right tiles for bathroom small size is obvious — visually expand a small space to make the stay more comfortable.

The color of the tile

Most designers advises to choose for the decoration of small rooms a light color, but does not necessarily make the room light faceless. Modern manufacturers of ceramic tile produce a wonderful collection in various colors (including the bright hues), including smooth tile, terrazzo, and tiles, components of different size panels.

You can also use mirror tiles, however, do not take them in large quantities, because to be in the bathroom, fully mirrored, would not be very comfortable.

Tile texture

To create the impression of a larger space more suited to a glossy tile. However, once again, will look great rare accents in the form of tiles with interesting terrain. But large panels are doing the opposite the wall on which they are located significantly closer to the viewer, so they should only be used if your bathroom resembles a long narrow corridor (respectively, panels placed on the far narrow wall).

The size of the tiles

To choose whether a tile medium or small size is a matter of taste of the house owner. Surely we can say only one thing — the big size tiles and the grout not the tile color visually will greatly reduce the bathroom.

Helpful hint:before you buy, find a store where live exposed any collection of tiles, not one or two things, and the big stands, in order to make intelligible the notion of how will look like the tile on the wall or the floor. You may also need to use special programs for visualization of the future finishes.

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