Strawberries from seed

Almost all avid gardeners, and lovers of country rest grow in the kitchen garden of delicious and healthy berry – the strawberry. Her love both children and adults. Do you know what to grow big and juicy strawberries from seed is not difficult as it seems at first glance? Observing all the subtleties and nuances in growing, already in the first summer you will get a great crop of berries.

Клубника из семян


1. Often seedlings are grown large-fruited everbearing strawberries. Its seeds can be purchased in the store or seeds among gardeners. Seeds shop do not need to disinfect, they have already passed all the stages of preparation for planting. If the seeds were bought from your hands, you should soak them for 20 minutes in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Seedlings are planted from end of January till the summer. In the garden it can be planted anytime from spring until autumn. The main thing is that she managed to gain strength for the winter. Also strawberries can be planted at home and since November. Even overgrown seedlings excellent «relocate» the garden.

2. Take two cotton pads, soak them in warm water or solution of potassium HUMATE. One disk will add all the seeds and cover with the second. And leave in the Cup or the saucer for a day or two. Make sure that the disks did not dry up.

3. Prepare the soil. Let it be light and airy soil mix for the seedlings, in which nothing is added. Place the earth in the container with the lid, which made some holes. The container should be half full. On the ground sprinkle of snow thickness 1.5-2 cm And the snow gently with a toothpick lay seeds. They do not need to dig into the earth in any case! Close the lid on the container and store in the fridge for at least a week. This process is called stratification — when you self-organize «winter» for the seeds.

4. In 7-14 days you can pull out the container with the seeds from the refrigerator on a light windowsill. Stay tuned to the sun’s rays falling on the strawberries, otherwise the seeds will dry up. The cover from the container do not open. There is created a humid climate, which will contribute to the germination of seeds. Watch for moisture on the lid. If there is too much open and wipe the cap, ventilate the container. If moisture is small, it is necessary to sprinkle earth with water.

5. When seeds germinate, the sprouts need to ventilate a little bit each day. Open the container, starting from several minutes and up to full service cover. If you open once a day, the seedlings may die from abrupt climate change, because the house the air is much drier. Water the seedlings as they dry, but gently. It is better to water with a teaspoon under every Bush, not to fill the whole earth. In this period you will wipe the cover dry – sprouts do not like drip irrigation.

6. When strawberries will be 3 of the present paper, it is necessary to raspolirovat in individual pots. Let them be small, about the size of a small yogurt Cup. At the bottom of the glass lay drainage – small stones, river sand or walnut shells. Showed Aquagel, which is widely sold in flower shops. Then sprinkle all-purpose soil. The ground is a little wet and make a small indentation. And then, match or toothpick, transplant bushes. Not the deepen of the plants. Make sure that the kidney with leaves was above the ground.

7. When the street is already warm enough, bring the seedlings outside. Start with one hour and increase the time every day. If the night is no frost and the temperature never drops below 5 degrees, then you can leave the seedlings and at night.

8. To transplant the strawberries to the garden from late may until late August. Formed during the growth of whiskers can snap off and plant separately. So you will share your strawberry, forming a plantation of berries.

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