Proper nutrition for a week on 1200 calories

Правильное питание на неделю на 1200 ккал

There are plenty of diets, and many of them do not work and are dangerous for health. For weight loss you need to adhere to proper nutrition and to consume 1200 calories. Many will wonder why exactly this number, but the thing is that so much should be the average person for normal functioning of the body. If you eat less than this standard, then the metabolism will be slowed down and the body starts using muscle tissue for energy, destroying it.

Proper nutrition for a week on 1200 calories

To cope with overweight, this should limit calories to distribute properly. It is important to note that such a diet, according to nutritionists, it is absolutely safe for health.

The principles of proper nutrition for weight loss for 1200 cal:

  • It is important to exclude from the diet of fatty, fried food, sweets, pastry, and other unwholesome both for figure and health food. Also harmful are soft drinks, packaged juices and alcohol.
  • Prefer fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products, fish, etc.
  • Proper nutrition on 1200 calories implies the fractional meal. It is important to eat at regular intervals of time not less than five times a day. This will support metabolism, and not to feel hunger.
  • It is important to cook foods, giving preference to boiling, stewing, and baking, cooking, on a grill.
  • Great importance is liquid, and every day should drink at least 1.5 L. This volume applies to only purified water.
  • Example food menu for 1200 calories

    To find the right products for the diet, you can use existing tables of caloric content (see below). Consider a few examples that will allow you to develop your menu.

    Option # 1:

    • morning: oatmeal, cooked with 3 tablespoons of cereal;
    • snack: Apple;
    • lunch: chicken soup, steam a couple of breaded veal cutlets, 150 g salad of tomatoes and cucumbers;
    • snack: 150 grams of salad from vegetables;
    • evening: 100 g of buckwheat and the same steamed hake and a portion of coleslaw.

    Option # 2:

    • morning: 50 g of chicken sausage, a slice of wholegrain bread and you can add a little mustard;
    • snack: toast with unsweetened jam;
    • lunch: 250 g of vegetable soup fish broth;
    • snack: 1 tbsp. of yogurt with chopped herbs;
    • evening: bun wholemeal flour, 150 g of cottage cheese and 100 g of radish.

    Правильное питание на неделю на 1200 ккал  

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