The Kremlin diet menu for every day

Кремлевская диета – меню на каждый день

Kremlin diet for many years is at the peak of popularity, as there are serious limitations in food and you can even pamper yourself to your favorite dishes. Menu Kremlin diet involves protein restriction in the carbs. All products in the assigned values.e. – the carbohydrates in 100 g. dieters should make the menu Kremlin diet for each day taking into account that they can’t eat more than 40.e. This phase should last no more than 14 days. If you just want to maintain your weight, the number can be increased to 60.e.

Menu Kremlin diet for every day

Before considering some examples for the preparation of the diet, I would like to highlight some of the rules. In order not to suffer from hunger and support metabolism, should eat 4 times a day. Not worth it from the menu for the week or for a longer period Kremlin diet for weight loss to completely eliminate carbohydrates, as this will worsen the metabolism. It is recommended to reduce the number of products containing sugar. It is important to drink plenty of water, since it implies an increased load on the kidneys. To achieve good results in losing weight, combine diet and sports.

The approximate menu of the Kremlin diet:

Option # 1:

  • Breakfast: cottage cheese, some eggs, stuffed mushrooms and tea;
  • lunch: 100 g vegetable pepper salad, pork chop and coffee;
  • snack: 30 grams of any nuts;
  • dinner: breast, baked with cheese, boiled cabbage, and tea.

Option # 2:

  • Breakfast: 3 sausages, 100 grams of eggplant that need to be baked, and tea;
  • lunch: 250 g of broth, cooked chicken, piece birds, 150 g vegetables, shish kebabs of lamb and 1 tbsp. of Apple compote;
  • snack: pumpkin seeds;
  • dinner: 200 g fish, steamed, 200 g of lettuce and 200 g of dry white wine.

Table.e. for the Kremlin diet
Кремлевская диета – меню на каждый день

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