How to calculate body mass index?

Как посчитать индекс массы тела?

Many people, wanting to lose weight, turn to a professional dietitian, which primarily serves to calculate the body mass index. To carry out the necessary calculations do not need to spend money on a specialist, because everything can be done independently. Understand how to calculate the body mass index in the home. The value obtained will enable to determine whether a person has a problem with overweight. Based on the obtained values it will be possible to choose the right weight loss technique.

How to calculate body mass index?

The body mass index is a conditional value, because it does not take into account individual performance. Thus it gives an indication of the picking person. BMI is used in official medicine for the diagnosis of obesity in humans. Normal is considered to be an indicator if it is included in the range from 18 to 24.

Consider the example of how to calculate the body mass index that will allow everyone to understand this question. Of course, you can choose automatic calculator that is on different websites, but it will not allow you to control the process and fully understand this question.

There is a special formula, how to calculate body mass index: BMI = Weight (kg)/Height (m)2. According to the obtained results it is possible to determine whether there is a problem with excess weight and how serious it is.

What is the meaning of the obtained BMI value:

  • 16< – there is a serious shortage in weight;
  • from 16 to 18 physicians believe that such indicators point to the lack in weight, but in modeling these values are considered ideal;
  • from 18 to 25 indicators, which indicate that this is a normal weight for the average person;
  • from 25 to 30 – values indicate that there is excess weight, which spoils the appearance of the figure, but heКак посчитать индекс массы тела? brings serious discomfort;
  • 30> is obese and there is a need to address urgently the weight loss.

To calculate the body mass index for women and men more accurately, there are a few useful tips. It is important to determine your weight but you need to weigh in the morning after using the bathroom on an empty stomach. Because the bowels and bladder are empty and you can actually know the exact weight. By the way, it is also recommended that growth be measured in the morning when the spine is in a relaxed state. It is believed that by the evening people could be below 1-2 cm.


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