Diuretic tea for weight loss

Мочегонный чай для похудения

A diuretic tea in its original form is not intended for weight loss. It is prescribed to the people suffering from disease of the genitourinary system, the presence of edema.

Diuretic teas for weight loss

Due to its diuretic actions such charges derive all excess water from the body, and this body looks more slender, it fits nicely. This method to lose weight use before important events when you need to get into a beautiful dress and look gorgeous.

However, it should be noted that thus will not be able to get rid of accumulated excess fat, leaving only water. This type of diet cannot be used long amount of time, it threatens not only dehydration but also loss of many minerals from the body.

Properly combine of herbal diuretic tea a diet that excludes the consumption of sweet and fatty foods. It is recommended to avoid such as harmful food additives, ketchup, mayonnaise. By themselves, these products are not good and are called «food waste».

Mistakenly believe that green tea is a great diuretic. Is he really? This kind of tea a diuretic effect does not possess, and to use it for this purpose is useless.

This weight loss method is not suitable if you are a traveling type of work. Мочегонный чай для похуденияYou will constantly need to visit the toilet, and away from home or office this is a big problem.

It is worth remembering, diuretic medicines for a slender and attractive figure are only suitable in exceptional cases when you need to freshen up in a short period of time.

All these teas are not safe for health. There is a complete leaching of all nutrients from the body. Comes vitamin deficiency and dehydration. Skin and hair become dull, ugly.

It is important to adhere to proper nutrition and exercise, then slim figure is guaranteed.


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