Diuretic diet pills

Мочегонные таблетки для похудения

Overweight is formed by two factors – increase of fat deposits and delay in the body fluid. And if the first fight is long and laborious, then to withdraw the excess liquid in just a few days and this will help diuretic diet pills.

The benefits of using

Losing weight with the help of diuretic tablets advisable as a result of:

  • remove swelling;
  • their ability to render a laxative effect. As a result, you can clean the intestines from the decomposition products;
  • possible to eliminate the violations of the balance of water and salts, stabilize blood pressure, prevent stagnation and improve blood circulation;
  • low cost.

What are the dangers of taking diuretics?

Those of you who wondered can I drink diuretics for weight loss, we should answer that there are a lot of pitfalls. Because it is primarily medicinal products without special indications to drink is not recommended. Their reception, especially excessive and uncontrolled, can lead to dehydration, flushing of the body of nutrients, in particular, mineral salts of calcium, potassium and other, which primarily affects the heart. Diuretics may cause headaches and dizziness, loss of consciousness, nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite. Increasing the dosage several times, you may notice that as decreased vision, blood pressure, appears excessive sweating and skin rashes.

What diuretic tablets are better for losing weight?

In General, diuretics are divided into three groups:

  • loop drugs. Are potent substances capable of filtering the kidneys. Excretes salt. These include torasemid, furosemide, etc.;
  • thiazide diuretics. They act moderately. Among them are gidrohlortiazid Arifon, indapamide;
  • lungs diuretics, newimage from the body minerals – a amiloride, veroshpiron etc.

Depending on what effect you plan to get, and choose diuretic pills that promote weight loss. The most popular among fighting with being overweight is diuretic furosemide for weight loss. It provides a quick, strong and short-term effect. Indications for its use is chronic heart and renal failure, nephrotic syndrome, liver disease and hypertension. The maximum daily dose is 1500 mg, but recommended to start with 20-80 mg/day.

General recommendations

But whatever diuretics slimming choose to fight excess weight, it needs to understand that excess body fat after it is not going anywhere. In any case have to adhere to proper nutrition and increase physical activity. In addition, experts advise to drink a lot of fluid and to increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables and other vitaminsvitamin products, especially those that contain a lot of potassium: bananas, apricots, seaweed, nuts, etc.

Мочегонные таблетки для похудения

Diuretics are prohibited to use persons suffering from diabetes, lupus, gout, acute kidney infections, and others Encouraged daily to control the water balance, using zhiroanalizatory. Try to eat less salt and salty foods – dried fish, sausages, pickles and other products in vacuum packaging with the addition of chemical components. And even better to excrete the excess fluid with natural diuretics – watermelon, juice of the berries and leaves of bilberry, Senna grass, nettle, dandelion leaves, etc.


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