Diet for erosive gastritis sample menu

Диета при эрозивном гастрите – примерное меню

Erosive gastritis is a serious disease that requires complex treatment. An important component of therapy is proper nutrition, which is essential to recovery. Diet for erosive gastritis of the stomach and observe long it will have at least a month, and then, for several years will have to stick to a sparing diet to a complete cure.

Diet for acute erosive gastritis

In order to properly develop menu, you need to consider the existing principles of nutrition in disease:

  • To prefer is food that is easily digested and is not heavy on the stomach. It is important to avoid fat, strong broths, green and raw vegetables.
  • Menu diet for erosive gastritis should not be too modest and to give preference is a fractional power. Because of this will not feel hunger, and will not stand out much gastric juice.
  • Portions should not be large and the optimal size is 200-300 g.
  • Do not eat too hot or cold food, so the best option is food in the form of heat.
  • It is recommended to chew food slowly and thoroughly.
  • In the period of exacerbation, it is important to give preference to boiled and steamed food, it is better if they are in liquid or ground form.
  • Sample menu diet for erosive gastritis

    Own diet is to develop, Диета при эрозивном гастрите – примерное менюbased on existing rules. As an example, you can use this option menu:

  • Breakfast: serving of puddings, and unsweetened green tea.
  • Snack: cocoa with dried up loaf of bread.
  • Lunch: soup oat a frayed, boiled potatoes, meatballs of chicken, steamed, and a decoction of rose hips.
  • Snack: berry jelly.
  • Dinner: pasta, cooked with added butter and cheese, and stewed fruit.
  • Before bed: 1 tbsp. of yogurt.

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