How to find out if you’re a man?

Как узнать, нравишься ли ты мужчине?

Everyone knows that people communicate not only through language, but also the body. Not everyone is able to recognize non-verbal language, it is believed that it is women because of its well-developed intuition are able to feel a relation to his partner. But even if understanding body language he can learn. How to know whether you like the man that will be discussed in this article.

How to tell if a woman likes a man?

As the most striking example is the behavior of adolescents. Their fears and complexes still do not allow them more clearly to Express their feelings, but non-verbal language they use on an intuitive level. For example, in the company of girls try to pull the belly in, straighten your shoulders and show the size of muscles. It’s like the dance of the male around the female. So inherent nature, that man is a conqueror shows his power, strength and agility.

To find out the man you married, you – as something to casually start a conversation and pay attention to his posture. These primarily see women as sexual objects, which means it will be Willy-nilly, to draw attention to their genitals to rest your hands on your hips, plugging his belt. How would «hang» over a woman, occupying a dominant position. Interested in how to learn, whether you like man-head, it is possible to recommend to pay attention to how it changes the position of the body when handling. If you continue to sit back, then no sympathy, but a detailed pose and direction of the whole body and the knees toward women can be interpreted as a sign of interest.

Thus the man-the boss can use his position and blatantly invade the intimate zone, which, as you know, is 15-45 cm and is only for the very personal communication. Как узнать, нравишься ли ты мужчине?That is, giving instructions, he can lean too close, to lean back in his chair and casually even to touch the shoulder and back. The same applies to those who want to know, do you have the male counterpart and how to check. Much depends on his behavior towards the woman. It is clear that helping in the work, he demonstrates his sympathy, and confirmation of this will be open palms as a sign of trust.

Now I understand how to find out you person. A lot can say look. Open and friendly, coupled with the natural smile, he will confirm the fact that a man is interested in more dense acquaintance.


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