How to choose the right underwear

Как выбрать правильное белье

When choosing lingerie, remember that it must be not only beautiful and seductive but also comfortable and safe.

Refuse synthetic underwear, it causes skin irritation, yeast infection and dysbiosis. Do not buy thongs for everyday wear as they cut into the skin and injure the delicate lining, of which there appears a focus of infection. Briefs — contraindicated with varicose veins, because they densely cover the hips and create pressure, constricting blood vessels. Choose panty size, because wearing tight underwear can lead to infertility. It causes stagnation of blood in the pelvis and contributes to the inflammation of the uterus and ovaries. To choose the right panty size, measure around your hips.

It is important to determine the purpose of purchase. For example, shorts for gym have their own characteristics, they should be comfortable and not restrict movement. Lace panties are not so practical, but indispensable for passionate nights.

The color of the clothes can be completely diverse, but be sure to get some classic sets (black, white, Nude).

Pay special attention to the choice of material, because it will be daily in contact with your skin. For everyday use choose underwear made from natural materials, for example cotton, with a low content of synthetic fibers for improved elasticity. But for special occasions you can choose all, on what your imagination, the main thing is too avoid the cheapest models, they are normally sewn from the raw materials.

Important! If the panties do not come to you in size, or have the defect or defects, you may return them to the store, demanding money back. This is possible until 14 days from the date of purchase and if the item has not been used. When you return, you are required to have a passport and a cheque (preferably). In the absence of/ the loss of a check can be based on witness testimony.

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