Chloe Love Story

Chloe Love Story

In September 2014 in the collection of fragrances Chloe perfume new Chloe perfume Love Story, the design of the bottle which clearly alludes to the fact that their Creator is in love with Paris. Anna Flipo surprised admirers of fine fragrances fine fragrance composition full of citrus freshness and crystal clarity Madagascar Jasmine. It’s been a few years since then, as perfume Chloe Love Story went on sale, and girls who have purchased the new 2014, still not ready to part with it.

Love and Paris

Romantic atmosphere, Shrouding the capital of France, embodied by Chloe perfume in the fragrance Love Story with delicate precision. The Creator of the «Love Story» focused on the aroma of orange tree flowers, that set the tone for the perfume bouquet, underlined by accords of orange blossom, neroli and stephanotis. The fragrance of Chloe Love Story will appeal to romantic girls who prefer sweet perfumes, it is no wonder that even the design of the bottle made in the shape of a lock. Such memorable lovers leave locks on the railing of the Pont des Arts in Paris as a sign of endless and pure love.

But do not think that the Love Story Chloe perfume – a solid sugary sweetness. Due to the presence in the bouquet notes of wood and musk, he gained not only stability, but also a subtle tartness:

  • top notes: neroli;
  • heart notes: orange blossom, stephanotis (Madagascar Jasmine);
  • bottom notes: wood, musk.

Description Love Story States that the fragrance composition is built around citrus notes, which is its basis. However, many women who tested the scent, this is not quite agree. The flowers of the orange tree really is clearly being felt immediately after application Love Story on the skin, but this citrus sharpness disappears after a few minutes, giving way to a floral accord. The heart of the composition filled with the scent of orange blossoms, set off a musky base. Thanks to neroli it is amplified, bringing to the fore not citrus, and floral accords.

Bouquet Love Story has incredible durability. The scent remains throughout the day, but even after a shower the skin is fragrant floral and citrus freshness. This eau de toilette is capable of creating an indescribable feeling of freshness and pristine purity. The girl, after which in the air the trail Love Story, is associated with the forest nymph – weightless and mysterious.

Design concept

The design of the bottle, which is available in the fragrance Love Story, completely consistent with the concept of toilet water. He looks strict and at the same time very romantic. The base of the bottle is a sturdy glass that is the front side has a smooth texture, and the back is slightly wavy. For ease of opening the bottle, the designers have provided a metal handle finished in Golden color. Their part in Chloe Love Storythe elegance design and brings a delicate pink ribbon-to-powder color, mounted on a metal handle.

Advertising campaign new in 2014 the leadership of the fashion house Chloe has entrusted to shoot Melanie Laurent and actress Clemence of Poesy, famous far beyond the borders of France, managed to bring her idea on the screen. Charming slim blonde coped with the task – to convey the atmosphere of love in romantic Paris evening.

Chloe Love Story is available in bottles, the volume of which is 30, 50, 75 and 100 milliliters, and you can buy it in all the perfume boutiques in the world.


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