How to uninstall the printer driver

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In this tutorial step by step about how to uninstall the printer driver in Windows 10, Windows 7 or 8 computer. Equally described steps are suitable for printers of HP, Canon, Epson and others, including network printers.

What you may want to uninstall the printer driver: first of all, if you experience any problems with his work, as for example, described in the article is Not working the printer in Windows 10 and the inability to install the correct driver without removing the old ones. Of course, other variants are possible — for example, you just decided not to use the current printer or MFP.

Easy way to remove a printer driver in Windows

For a start the easiest way, which usually works and is suitable for all recent versions of Windows. The order of actions is as follows.

  • Start a command prompt as administrator (in Windows 8, and Windows 10 this can be done via right-click menu on the start)
  • Type printui /s /t2 and press Enter
  • In the opened dialog box select the printer driver you want to delete, then press the «Delete» button and select «Remove driver and driver package», click OK.
  • Upon completion of the removal procedure, your printer driver should not remain on your computer, you can install a new one if this was your task. However, this method does not always work without some preliminary action.

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    If when you remove the printer driver as mentioned you saw any error messages, try to do the following (also in the command prompt as administrator)

  • Type net stop spooler
  • Go to C:Windows System32 spool Printers and if there’s something in there, clear the contents of this folder (but the folder itself does not remove).
  • If you have an HP printer, also clean the folder C: Windows system32 spool drivers w32x86
  • Type net start spooler
  • Repeat steps 2-3 from the beginning of the instruction (and printui delete printer driver).
  • That should work, and the drivers for your printer removed from Windows. You might also need to restart the computer.

    Another method to uninstall the printer driver

    The next way is something that describe in their instructions to manufacturers of printers and MFPs, including HP and Canon. Way adequate, works for printers connected by USB and consists of the following simple steps.

  • Unplug the printer from USB.
  • Go to control Panel — Programs and features.
  • Find all software relating to the printer or MFP (on behalf of the manufacturer in the title), delete them (allocated to the program, at the top click Uninstall / Change, or the same via right click).
  • Removing all software, go to control panel — devices and printers.
  • If your printer appears there, then right-click it and select «Remove device» and follow the instructions. Note: if you have a MFP, the devices and printers can be displayed simultaneously multiple devices with the same brand and model, uninstall them all.
  • After the delete the printer from Windows, reboot the computer. Ready, printer driver (that was installed together with the software vendor) in the system will not (but the generic driver included in Windows will stay).

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