How to watch online TV for free

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Given the fact that the speed of the Internet today makes it easy to watch videos in high quality, view TV over the network also poses special problems. In this review terrestrial online TV on different ways of watching TV channels on the Internet — on websites, using programs to access the TV channels and mobile applications for phone and tablet.

Specifically this article about online viewing of live broadcast channels through the browser, without installing any software on the computer or mobile application. But the latter will be another article in the near future. Update: everything is ready, see the Best free program to watch online TV on Windows, on Android, iPhone and iPad

2016 update: added another opportunity to conveniently watch terrestrial TV on the Internet, with support for multiple sources and the ability to install a program to watch TV on your PC.

Method 1 — the official live online TV channels

Many TV channels have their own online broadcast on their websites in high quality. If you don’t need a wide set of channels, and you mostly see one or two of them, then this may be the best way for you (which, moreover, is likely to provide the best possible quality without delay).

Below is a list of the main channels, which provide online access to the live broadcast on the website:

  • The first channel — live broadcasting is available on the official website There is a guide available settings image quality up to HD, in gears you can turn on subtitles and watch the recorded ones.
  • Russia 1, 2, Russia 24, Culture — online TV all TV channels of Russia is available for free on the website Similarly, you can watch the live broadcast in low, medium and high quality, depending on the speed of your Internet connection.
  • REN TV — watch free live REN TV online on the official website right on the main page. It is also possible to view programmes that have already passed, and you didn’t get to see.
  • Live NTV — available to view here While it is provided in test mode but works perfectly, the quality is good.
  • Live Match TV online on the official address of the channel

Unfortunately, not all TV companies give access to their live TV on your site: in order to look through online STS, TNT is not in the record, and in the air, have to use third-party sites, which further.

Free watch TV online on unofficial websites

In addition to the official websites of the TV companies, there are individual projects, giving the opportunity to watch TV online for a large number of channels. Unfortunately, some of them are saturated with ads and not quite convenient. I will try to highlight those on which viewing will be most comfortable.

SPB TV Online

SPB TV is a developer who created a program for viewing online TV, when there was no Android, and continues now. Recently on the official website of SPB TV has got the opportunity to watch live television for free, and realized it’s probably easier than any other services — easy navigation through Russian television channels and almost no ads (only when you run the selected channel, online TV).

For most channels available detailed TV program, if you select channel — preview of the aether. Also, if you launch a particular channel, and then returned to the list of available programs (for example, using the Back button in the browser) display the previously selected TV continues in a reduced browser window. There is a choice of quality viewing up to 720p (or 768p).

Available for free live channels:

  • The first channel
  • Russia 1 and Russia 24
  • Match TV
  • NTV
  • Channel 5
  • Euronews
  • RBC
  • 2×2
  • Moscow 24
  • Carousel
  • TV Center
  • TNT, STS and Ren TV

And this is not a complete list — the selection of online TV channels, both Russian and foreign is really good. Official website online TV SPB TV in English:

Perhaps one of the most complete and convenient sites for viewing live TV on the Internet. In addition to direct TV, the site offers a collection of online Webcams, and also listening to popular FM radio stations.

Use of the site should not cause problems in any user: select the tab «TV online», click on the channel you want to watch (they are ordered by popularity, and if you want to use the search in the right part of the site, and register to create your favorites list of channels) and after some time needed to connection and buffering, you can watch the live broadcast of the selected channel line.

Distinctive features when watching TV

  • Quick selection from multiple available channels (in the upper part of the playback window), if the principal for whatever reason was not available or requires a different type of thread.
  • The availability of its own Windows programs for watching TV (while the programme promises a higher image quality, the download is offered on each page view and the main). Note: when installing the program offers additional elements, carefully read the text during installation.
  • The lack of Intrusive and obscuring the view of advertising (i.e. ads, but in a respectable manner).

The site presents almost all Russian TV channels, including the First (ORT), STS, TNT, Ren TV, Russia 1, 2, and 24 and many others, not only Russian.

View available on the website


On the website OnTVtime ( you can watch many TV channels live. Presents Russian and foreign TV channels, low and good quality. Among the most popular channels include:

  • The first channel
  • Russia 1, Russia 2 and Russia 24
  • TV3
  • Ren TV
  • STS
  • Petersburg channel 5
  • TVC
  • Home

This is not a complete list. But, it is worth noting that, previously, channels on OnTVtime was more, but as far as I understand, not all channels want to have their broadcast shown on third party websites, and therefore their number has decreased.

SPB TV Desktop

SPB TV is an application for mobile platforms Android, iOS and other platforms for watching online TV on phones and tablets. However, they have on the website you can watch TV in your browser, live for channels available here: (you will need to install Microsoft Silverlight, which will be informed, if it is not already installed on your computer).

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In the list of a significant number of channels in Russian and in other languages, you can watch the First channel, channel Russia, Euronews, 2×2, RBK TV, REN TV, A-One, F-tv and World Fashion, as well as many others in good quality. — another good opportunity for free viewing of live broadcast online TV. On the website you will find free access to all other channels, both Russian and foreign:

  • Already transferred above the First channel, Rossiya, NTV, Ren TV, STS, 2×2, channel 5
  • Discovery and Discovery Science
  • Moscow 24
  • NTV plus football
  • EuroSport (three channel)
  • Channels FOX
  • M-tv and Bridge TV, Muz TV and others.

Adjust video quality available, but for most gear it’s decent.

I think that this list will be enough for most fans of TV who want to be able to view television programs on the Internet. By the way, in the comments some readers shared their interesting finds to watch free online TV on the Internet.

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