Professional blender

Профессиональный блендер

If you know how to cook anything more complicated than scrambled eggs, you definitely need a kitchen blender. But if cooking for you one of the ways of self-expression, it makes sense to think about buying a professional blender. Why? The answer to this question you will be able to learn from our article.

Professional blender for kitchen

First, let’s define what professional blender different from its domestic counterparts. Both of these device are designed to perform the same functions — grinding and mixing products with different densities. But the price of the Pro-blenders are much higher. It is not surprising, after all, professional blenders and all the features of much higher than normal: the power of the engine, the strength of all nodes, the number of possible modes, etc. All this allows them not only to grind soft, cooked vegetables or mixing ingredients for the dough, but to cope with brittle ice, solid fruits, nuts and other challenging products. Case professional blenders is usually dressed in «armor» made of stainless steel, making them virtually unkillable. In addition, the design of the case is provided for reducing noise elements. And all of this would make such devices very attractive, if not for their significantly beating budget price.

How to choose a professional blender?

The entire market of blenders-professionals can be divided into three groups:

  • The premium class. This category refers to the products of three American producers: «Vitamix», «Blendtec» and «Waring». Their distinctive features can be called power, reliability and high functionality. Professional blenders premium are ideal for raw foodists and enthusiasts smoothie, because with their help it will succeed in a matter of seconds to prepare tasty and healthy treats. But to pay for these advantages also have a lot of the cost of such linedraw starts from the mark of 500.e. Much cheaper blender is the equivalent of Taiwanese manufacturing firms «Omniblend». Having virtually the same characteristics, it costs about three times cheaper.
  • The middle class. Among the manufacturers of this category can be found in both Europeans («Vema», «Stadler», «Macap», «Bohum») and the Americans («КitchenAid», «Hamilton beach»). The cost of professional blenders middle class approximately twice lower than that of the premium, but to delude ourselves like this «cheapness» is still not worth it — and features here leave much to be desired, in particular, relatively low power. You could even say that it is not professional instruments, and household. So those who want to buy stationary professional blender good quality makes sense to decideПрофессиональный блендер on spending more impressive and to buy the device premium.
  • Economy class. To the category of professional blenders with the prefix «economy» can be attributed to the products of cheap Chinese copies of famous American brands. Oddly enough, among them are sometimes found in practically complete analogues, and perfectly matched in appearance and basic performance characteristics. Moreover, many of them are also able to work perfectly for a long time. But the special miracles to expect from them yet, because the price difference in 5-10 times compared to the original is achieved through cheaper materials and violations of production technology. So, most models in this segment are equipped with a knife with a blunt edge, which is wonderful chopping ice, but do not cope well with other products.

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