What is the land for planting better?

Какая земля для рассады лучше?

With the end of February and ends with a short cool down period in the life of every gardener — there comes a time for planting the first seedlings. Exercise is not only troublesome, but also very responsible, because it largely depends on the whole crop this year. And the quality of seedlings, in turn, depends on the quality of the soil in which it is grown. On which earth it is best to plant the seedlings we’ll talk today.

What is the land for planting better?

It is difficult to say unambiguously, what land should be used for the seedlings — ready, store-bought or homemade, but any of them should meet the following requirements:

  • To have a reserve of nutrients necessary for the growth and development of young plants. When fertilizer in the soil should be not too much, otherwise the seedlings will quickly stretch out and rack up the green mass, but hardly acclimate when planting in the open ground.
  • Well pass water and air, it has to be fairly loose.
  • Not to be infected with weed seeds, pathogens or larvae of pests.
  • Based on the foregoing, it is clear that for a seedling case absolutely does not fit the earth with the first patch, nor much ready-made mixed soils. The ideal option for this will pills peat or coconut substrate, but they have a significant drawback — relatively high cost. Therefore, most of the soil mix for the seedlings, independently, mixing in different proportions (depends on type of plants) turf ground, sand and peat.

    What land is better to buy seedlings?

    If fiddling with the mixture preparation there is no special hunting, it is possible to plant seedlings in the purchase of land, acquiring in the store a package with appropriate labelling. You can also use the universal soil mix, but it surely have to make some changes to lower the acidity, to leaven, or add minerals. When buying be sure to pay attention to the composition. So, trace elements (nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus) to the ground for the seedlings should be no more than 300 mg per liter. And acidity should not be below 5.5 pH.


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