Swordplay seedlings of tomato

Пикировка рассады помидор

When planted tomato seeds gave germination, 10-14 days time to do the picks, we have to plant the plants in individual containers to give them a place for good growth and development. That means swordplay seedlings of tomato and how to do it right – will tell our article.

The rules of picking tomatoes

With the help of the pick at the same time you remove the sick and weak instances, and will give healthy to develop in a more comfortable environment. The deadline for picking tomatoes for about 10 days after emergence, begin to form when third true leaves.

To water the seedlings need about a day prior to picking to soil ball was too wet and heavy, threatening to break the stems when you move, but not dried-out and crumbling.

To retrieve a specific germs from a shared mailbox using a wooden spatula, taking thus for the root ball to avoid damaging the stalk.

In the pot pre-need to make small holes to insert the plant and load it up to the cotyledon leaves. Sprinkled the earth, the near-wellbore area is slightly compacted and watered with warm water.

If you see that after picking the tomato seedlings not growing, in the first few days it may mean the process of adaptation to new conditions. Especially if you moved the seedlings into another room and not exposed to the usual sill, where she grew up before that.

Be patient, and very soon the seedlings will «start» in growth. Of course, it is necessary to provide complete care for tomato seedlings after the pick. What is it?

Care after the pick

Since the tomatoes – the plant is drought tolerant, intolerant of water logging, water after picking the seedlings need only when necessary, i.e. during the drying of the upper soil layer. And when it’s chilly outside and no sun, it is better to replace watering loosening.

A week after picking, tomatoes should be fed. There are several choices of fertilizer, both mineral and organic. For example, it may be a solution of urea, superphosphate and potassium salt in water. Or a solution of ammonium nitrate, potassium sulfate and superphosphate.

Another option: a tablespoon of ash per 2 litres of hot water. After insisting during the day, the water is filtered and it is possible to water the seedlings.

Gardeners use an infusion of the eggshell. You just need to fill a three-liter jar 2/3 of the shells, pour a water and insist 3-4 days in a warm place. The infusion is diluted with water 1:3 and water the plants. The same shell can be used twice and even three times.

Hardening of tomato seedlings

Already from mid-April you can start to gradually harden the seedlings of tomato, bringing to a balcony. But the temperature should not be below +12 º C. So you train the young plants to the sun and temperature drop.

Take out the pots on the balcony first for a couple of hours, then Пикировка рассады помидорleave until planting in open ground. On the 10th day you can start to open the window on the balcony, first 15-20 minutes, then a few hours.

If you have no balcony, you can just crack the air vents to standing on the windowsill the seedlings were accustomed to fresh air and lower temperature.

Planning before planting seedlings on a constant growth, it is recommended to take it for a day under the open sky. Make sure that planted seedlings had well-developed dark-green leaves and swelling buds. Weak plants with yellow leaves and weak rejected or retained for rearing.


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