Swordplay seedlings of peppers

Пикировка рассады перцев

The swordplay seedlings is the process of transplanting seedlings from a shared mailbox, or tiny cups in large containers. This process is very important, it allows to provide the plant a sufficient area for growth and development. As a result, the obtained seedlings strong and healthy, which means good harvest in the summer.

Swordplay seedlings of pepper at home

Timing the picking of the pepper comes at a time when he formed the third real leaf that takes place on 15-20 day after planting seeds. And because we sowed the seeds in early March, the swordplay seedlings of pepper will occur around mid-late March.

A phased process is as follows:

  • Prepared in individual pots filled with a soil mix consisting of peat and humus with the addition of humus and river sand. Don’t forget about fertilization.
  • About a couple of hours prior to picking seedlings should be watered abundantly with water at room temperature, so that the seedlings could get without damage.
  • When you have extracted the seedling, need to trim the bottom third of the root to stimulate the development of lateral roots. This is a good impact on the plants in the future.
  • The soil in the prepared pots should be well moistened, to make a small hole. To plant peppers need at the same depth that it occupied before, high by 1.5 cm deep.
  • Moved the seedling need to be covered with earth and slightly to seal around the stem.
  • Another way of picking seedlings bitter or sweet peppers – handling together with a clod of earth. He is more gentle, since this is almost the roots are not injured. You need to stop to water the seedlings in a few days to whom in the cups dried out a little and well separated from the walls and bottom.

    Then just microsuede Rostock together with the ground, flip Cup, put it in a container filled with earth in half, sprinkle the ground and watered. In this case, you will not be able to pinched spine, but it’s not tragic.

    Containers for picking peppers

    It is clear that every little seedling needs its own «house». That is, a single Cup, a pot or a box. It is very convenient to use for this purpose liter tetrapakah from milk, juice, yogurt, etc.

    First, the very convenient form of boxes – they can stare at the pretty window sill tightly, without any gaps, and during transportation they are comfortable. Secondly, they are waterproof and lightweight. Thirdly, their volume after trimming the tops optimal for the normal development of seedling roots.

    Of course, it is necessary in each box make a small hole in the bottom, so there is excess water after watering. You also need a very good wash before filling with soil.

    Care after the pick

    When all the peppers raspikirovat, you need to take them in a warm place, pricenew from the sun. The first two days after planting for peppers is very difficult. They need time to recover, they may even be slightly privanet. However, you should not scare it. They will recover and start to add to growth.

    Пикировка рассады перцев

    If after picking the seedlings will stand on the same windowsill as before, the adaptation process will be faster. If you’ll take it into the greenhouse, where a very different light and microclimate, it is possible to recover the seedlings will be longer.

    Don’t forget to water the seedlings every 5-6 days, completely moistening the earth in the pot. Need to feed a week after transplanting and again after two weeks. For this purpose, a solution of trace elements. For feeding you can use nettle water and wood ash.


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