Blender for smoothies

Блендер для смузи

A long time ago from a dessert with an unusual dense structure smoothies have become part of the daily diet not only the adherents of a healthy lifestyle, but also «mere mortals». But here’s the problem – without special powerful enough blender to make this treat is unlikely. That’s why today’s article we are devoted to finding the answer to the question, what is the necessary blender for making smoothies?

Submersible and stationary blenders for smoothies

So, go in search of the best blender for making smoothies. For the beginning let’s define what units are better suited for this purpose – submersible or stationary. Each of them has its pros and cons. So, immersion blender very difficult, if not practically impossible to achieve a uniform smooth structure smoothies. But stationary blenders struggle to cope with grinding seeds and nuts – in most cases, they simply smeared on the walls of the bowl and have them out periodically to remove using a knife or spoon. But still the advantages of stationary models of blenders larger than a submersible. So can I make them smoothies almost with one hand – just put all the ingredients in a bowl, close the lid and press the button. And after a few minutes to be able to top off with a tasty vitamin drink. For that reason alone, you should give preference to the stationary unit type.

Best blender for smoothies – the subtleties of choice

Having defined the type of the blender, proceed to consider its technical characteristics: capacity, number of revolutions, the material of the bowl, etc. This is quite a serious moment, because in the process the blender for smoothies will have to cope with crushing ice, nuts, hard fruits and vegetables. So the settings it needs to be relevant:

  • The power of the engine. So, if for the preparation of milk shakes or baby food would be enough of a blender with a capacity of up to 500 Watts, an ice pick, this number is evidently small. If you can prepare smoothies often planned and tastefully, it is worth taking into consideration only those units whose capacity exceeds 600 Watts or more. Ideal for fans of the smoothies and other Goodies are professional blenders for smoothies – powerful, reliable and low noise. They seemingly possess only good qualities, if not one «but» — an impressive value.
  • The material and dimensions of the bowl. Most budget and most common option are blenders with a bowl of plastic. These bowls are easy to clean and almost not oxidized, but do not have sufficient strength and can easily become the victim of solid products. In addition, they can not grind like hot foods, and frozen, because of the extreme temperatures the plastic becomes very fragile. Also there are good in operation the bowl is made of tempered glass. The most reliable and durable bowls are made of composite materials, which is practically eternal. Блендер для смузиThey are the most expensive, essentially weighting the cost of the entire blender as a whole. Quite important and the size of the Cup, which usually ranges from 0.4 liter to 2 liters. Best of all, if the kit contains several vials of different volumes. But if this is not possible, for making smoothies you need to choose the blender with the Cup less than 1 litre.
  • Number of speeds and modes. To make a tasty smoothie blender that can only work in one mode is almost impossible. Therefore, the multiple speeds and modes of operation in this case is a must.

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