Zhernovaya grinder manual

Ручная жерновая кофемолка

What could be better than an aromatic coffee in the morning? Millions of lovers of this divine drink start your day with it. How to get the perfect coffee? Undoubtedly the best will be the one that was ground just before cooking. And for that you need the grinder.

That this is a manual coffee grindstone?

The grinder attritor type differs from other types by the method of grinding coffee beans. They are ground, passing through ceramic or metal burrs. This ensures perfectly uniform and high-quality grinding. Manual coffee grinder this process are particularly high quality, since there is no overheating of grains.

Although an electric unit is designed to save your time and energy, add ground coffee manually for a couple of cups, and so will not be easy. But to make reserves of ground coffee is not recommended, because the aroma and taste of it is quickly lost.

Device type grinder always includes the presence of two tanks: one you fill the roasted, and on the other take ready of milled coffee powder.

Ground coffee is obtained using the millstone coffee grinder for the home can be used to prepare such drinks as mocha, cappuccino or espresso, not to mention classical Oriental coffee.

Choosing which type of coffee grinder is better – manual or auto, remember that they differ not only in price, but appearance. Manual coffee grinders look special and can decorate the interior of the kitchen. They have the same functions as the automatic (adjustment of the grind size) and are way cheaper.

Of course, the grinding operation will take some time, and efforts must be made to move these burrs inside. But the coffee is incredibly flavorful, and the «right» one, and it retains all the benefits of the coffee beans.


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