How to get rid of gnats in the kitchen?

Как избавиться от мошек на кухне?

Some insects direct physical threat to our health no idea, but spoil the mood can be quite. These include tiny gnats which love to settle in the kitchens, where they full of delicious food. After that, they fly swarms near the boxes and baskets of vegetables, jars of wine and preserves, pots or bowls with food. Naturally, the hosts are the neighbors not to their liking and people start to look for ways to banish pesky aliens.

How dangerous fruit flies and where does she live?

To recognize our heroine, among other small creatures is quite simple, even without possessing special knowledge in entomology. The size of individuals does not exceed 1-3 mm, color lukhovickogo their body in the most dark yellow or brown, rarely almost black or orange creation. These winged insects fly is not very fast, but their speed is enough within the apartment or house to move and find delicious foods. These creatures live for up to 10 days at a temperature of 25°, but if it gets cool, then their activity decreases, which leads to an increase of this period in winter, even up to two and a half months.

The fruit fly is dangerous to bite humans, but their larvae when injected into the intestine can cause inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, scientists say that flies can be carriers of bacteria and can cause allergies. Pending grubs spoil the fruit, and marketable products is reduced immediately. Another unpleasant fact is bothersome fruit flies, which at the first opportunity strive to fly into the eyes and mouth.

To learn how to get rid of small gnats, you have to know that they live not only in kitchens but also in warehouses, retail outlets, ventilation and plumbing channels, waste evacuation and trash containers. The apartment has insect you can find near the cage with Pets, if there’s a lot of food debris. Plaque rots the shells also able to attract the attention of fruit flies. Excessive watering of flowers leads to high humidity in the pot, which is an ideal condition for the emergence of fruit flies. When neighbors not friends with sanitation, then they will soon be a real hotbed of midges, through the vent or window they can move to other residents of the apartment buildings.

How to get rid of little gnats in the kitchen?

  • First after the appearance of winged insects is necessary to hide the products out of the reach of Drosophila. This can be the refrigerator, tightly sealed packages, plastic containers, glass containers.
  • No popular way to quickly get rid of the annoying gnats in the kitchen will not help, until you deal with the source of infection. Rotting Apple or pear, fallen state of preservation, remains of food, juice and wine remove from the house, ventilate the room and wipe all surfaces with rags.
  • Often wash sponge for washing dishes and mops, try clean to contain the cooking surface of the stove and the sink, don’t leave on the tables sweet spots in time and remove the trash.
  • Use the Windows mosquito nets.
  • Buy duct tape, our insects sit on her, not very willingly, therefore, from all pests such adaptation will not save.
  • In fact, how to get rid of gnats in the kitchen, helping a variety of traps, Как избавиться от мошек на кухне?which should be placed in the house. Complete the package, jar or plastic bottle with bait in the form of rotten fruit and a couple of days destroy those insects that will be there.
  • You can set in a warm place deep container with wine vinegar or sweet syrup, sprinkling the bait further purified with fruit. Cover all film, doing it with a toothpick a few holes. Inside the flies will drown in the liquid syrup.
  • Even easier to insert into the glass with such bait paper cone. He will give insects the ability to easily fly inside, but a tiny hole would not allow the majority of fruit flies to get out.

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