Tourist gas cooker

Туристическая газовая плитка

Going on a long hike, experienced traveler takes with him only the most necessary things. And one of the main, in addition to tents and equipment, is the device on which food is prepared, because after a day out in the fresh air, so I had the appetite to eat! Before such devices have served the traditional stoves that run on gasoline, and today they were replaced by new, more practical camping gas burner. In this article, you will learn about its pros and cons and figure out what to look for when choosing this device.

The advantages and disadvantages of the tourist mini gas stove

So, the main advantages of these burners are:

  • fire safety – cooking in the tent or vestibule without fear of ignition;
  • in combustion flame of the torch there is no stage – once there is a «blue little rose»;
  • does not require warming up like a home and turns on the gas stove;
  • has a low weight, in addition, there are lightweight models with the net weight about 80 g.

As for the downsides of camping gas tiles-burners, these include the following:

  • compared to gasoline have less power;
  • winter hike in gas burner will not take, because at low temperatures (below -20), the gas will burn very badly;
  • the impossibility of disposing of the container in the open;
  • airlines prohibit the transport of gas cylinders in airplanes.

What tourist gas stove to choose?

Travel tiles on Gaza are different. Depending on the constructional features it can be:

  • The tiles, connected to the cylinder with a hose (more stable but more bulky).
  • Without hose option where the cylinder is positioned horizontally (budget option, involving the use of inexpensive collet cylinders).
  • Tile in the form of a nozzle on the gas tank, fasten the top (on the reviews of experienced travelers, the most practical option).
  • Burner, combined with a capacity for cooking and also fixed in the upper part of the cylinder (the know-how of 2004, the modern system, although quite overall).
  • Power travel gas stove is also an important point. For this indicator, there are three categories of tiles: small, medium, and high power (up to respectively 2, 2-3, and 3-7 kW). A particular model of the item to select, proceeding from a rule: 1 kW of power on 1 liter of food you usually prepare in the campaign. Thus, the burner of 2 kW would be sufficient for 3 people. If you go camping with a large group, guided by a model with high power.

    Here there are nuances: the large and heavy pot is on the burner, the higher figure that it will turn over, especially if it is unstable without hose option.

    By way of distinguish ignition system with piezo ignitor without it. The first option is undoubtedly more convenient, but not very practical. System ptopecia stop working at a height of over 4000 m Туристическая газовая плитка, or by contact with moisture. Therefore, such a system in the campaign no substitute for matches and certainly should not be the deciding factor when buying tiles.

    And, finally, travel gas stove may be equipped with some useful accessories such as nozzle-heater (heat and light), the collet adapter on the container or carrying case. The latter, incidentally, is very convenient – this travel gas stove portable in a suitcase and not take up much space.

    Popular manufacturers of tiles on Gaza are «Primus», «ADG», «Coleman», «Kovea», «JetBoil», «MSR». Each of them has its pros and cons, which are learned in difficult trips.


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