How to know pregnancy in the last month?

Как узнать срок беременности по последним месячным?Quite often, even before visiting the doctor, to women who are in the position the question arises as to how to know pregnancy in the last month. Let us answer it and discuss in detail all currently available methods of installation of gestational age.

How to conduct an installation period doctors?

Usually, when you first visit a gynecologist during pregnancy the first thing the technician asks is the date of the last menstrual discharge. Typically, these data are used as the starting point for calculating the term of the current pregnancy. Mounted in this way, the length of gestation is called «maternity period». Most often, the woman cannot say exactly the day of conception was. Exactly why are counting from the first day of the last menstrual period.

Also during pregnancy is called the embryonic, or the true gestational age. It is calculated from the day of fertilization or ovulation using ultrasonography. The doctor compares the size of the embryo with the appropriate table and sets the duration of pregnancy beginning at the moment.

How to determine the gestational age by last month?

Such calculations, a woman can hold their own. Everything you need to know is the exact date of the first day of the last menstrual period and the duration of the period of gestation (pregnancy). Normally, it is 40 weeks or 280 days. Thus, to find out the estimated date of delivery, it is necessary to add to the first date for the last menstrual discharge 40 weeks.

If you talk, how can I calculate the current gestational age by last month, the estimate of the duration of gestation also need to by the latest selections. How many days have passed since then — so is the current term of pregnancy.

Usually for this kind of counting physicians resort to the so-called formula Negele. According to it, must date to the first day of the last selections to add 9 months and a week (7 days). You can also do this in a different way — to take away from this date 3 months and add 7 days. Date received will indicate the estimated day of delivery.

How to set time?

To calculate a parameter such as the gestational age by last month exactly unlikely. The fact that far few women can say that they have a regular menstrual cycle, i.e. periods begin on the same day in each month and the duration of discharge always the same. It is because of these nuances when calculating the duration of gestation by last menstrual days you can get inaccurate result.

Therefore, in order to accurately determine the duration of pregnancy, you need:

  • to visit the gynecologist;
  • get ultrasound;
  • to be tested for HCG levels.

Как узнать срок беременности по последним месячным?It is also necessary to say that often in order to confirm the calculated period, resort to calculations on the first sheveleniju. So, the day of the first stirring add 20 weeks if a woman carries the baby first, and 22 weeks if the pregnancy is not the first. However, this method only allows you to confirm the accuracy of the calculation of gestational age in the manner prescribed above, because the first movement occurs, as a rule, in the middle of pregnancy.

Thus, as can be seen from the article, to calculate the gestational age by date of the last menstrual period is not difficult. However, it is worth considering that such a calculation is approximate, and requires clarification by ultrasonography, by which the duration of gestation can be calculated with the accuracy of 1-2 days.


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