Coffee with marshmallows

Кофе с маршмеллоу

Coffee with marshmallows – not only the perfect drink for the sweet tooth, but also the most photogenic hot beverage that you have ever seen. Marshmallows marshmallows not only give the coffee a nice sweetness, but the texture is amazing, turning into a foam upon contact with hot liquid. Several options the use of marshmallows in your favorite coffee we will discuss next.

Coffee with marshmallows – recipe

We will prepare not regular black coffee, latte and the likeness, which is useful for freshly brewed espresso. Strong coffee drink can be boiled in ibrik or a French press.


  • cocoa powder — 25 g;
  • milk — 465 ml;
  • espresso — 60 ml;
  • sweeten to taste;
  • marshmallow — 20 g;
  • chocolate chip, sweet powder.


To make the coffee taste was more chocolate you can add cocoa, but it’s not necessary. If you still decided to prepare a beverage by adding cocoa powder, then fill it with milk and put on fire. When the milk almost reaches the boil, add any sweetener if desired and pour in espresso. Pour the drink into a tall glass or mug beautiful, and then decorate marshmallows, chocolate chips, sugar powder or just aromatic spices.

If a question arises as to drink coffee with marshmallows, the answer may be a simple tube for drinks. Alternative method – remove the foam marshmallows from the surface of the drink and drink coffee.

How to make coffee with marshmallows?


  • freshly ground coffee — 35 g;
  • water — 370 ml;
  • cream — 45 ml;
  • vanilla — 1/2 pod;
  • marshmallows — 15


Pour the freshly ground coffee in a French press, then put the cut vanilla pod and pour the boiling water. Leave to stand for 7-10 minutes, and then spasuite. Pour a hot drink into a Cup, dilute cream. Then put marshmallows and walkКофе с маршмеллоу on the surface of burner to melt and brown the marshmallows. Alternatively, you can pour the coffee into refractory molds and put to brown under the grill.

Coffee with marshmallow marshmallow


  • stick instant coffee;
  • milk — 230 ml;
  • coffee liqueur 35 ml;
  • marshmallows — 12 PCs.


Dissolve instant coffee with warm milk. If desired, add sweetener, and then pour in the liquor. Spill coffee cups, put marshmallows on top. You can serve it immediately, but you can pour marshmallow sugar syrup and walk on the surface of the burner.


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