What is the difference between shower gel from shampoo?

Already long gone are the days when the selection of toiletries on the shelves was limited and ordinary household soap. The benefit of modern manufacturers please us the widest range of products in any color, taste and budget. Some shower gels with various scents and additives cannot count. However, some very frugal people and lovers of order in the bathroom opt for two or three versatile bottles for all occasions. Referred to buying shower gel, they begin to use it as shampoo, not bothering to study the composition of the product. Is it acceptable for this behavior and what consequences it may lead? Let us try to understand the difference between shower gel of shampoo.

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Shower gel

Shower gel is a liquid cleaning product for washing of the body with a minimum alkali content. Leaves the skin with a delicate fragrance, gives a feeling of cleanliness and freshness. Compared with ordinary soap, the remedy is softer and gentler. It is created water-based and does not disturb the natural acid-alkaline balance of the skin. Despite the fact that the gels contain the minimum amount of alkali, it still. Partially neutralize its action allows the use of various additives, such as fruit acids. As a result after you use the tool a person has no feeling of dryness of the skin. Thanks to these features 8 out of 10 people prefer shower gels, and only 2 soap.

I should add that liquid hygienic products for body care products first appeared on store shelves in the 1970-ies. Its invention was due to the changing lifestyles of the population of large cities. People became more busy and active. Due to the high activity they had to take a shower several times a day: usually morning and evening. The process of applying for a conventional washcloth solid soap robs the man for a few minutes. Wanting to save time of consumers, manufacturers have started to release liquid shower gels that could be applied to the body even without washcloths. From the outset, this inexpensive manufacturing of the product was positioned as a luxury item that allows people to plunge into the world of fine fragrances, to feel an immediate sensation of freshness and fragrance throughout the day. As a result, the production quickly found its customers. She enjoys popularity to this day.


Shampoo – detergent hair care products. The word itself is borrowed from the Hindi language. In India grows a flower «Champa», from which is made the rubbing oil in the hair. In his honor and was named the means to care for curls. As a result of the English borrowing the term began to sound a little different. In the shampoo includes a lot of components. Chief among these is water, which align surface-active substances, flavorings, preservatives and inorganic salts, which imparts the necessary viscosity. Also in many quality shampoos contain vitamins and natural oil that promotes the growth and strengthening of hair.

Let us dwell on the history of money. Powder shampoo was invented in 1903 by the German physicist Hans Schwarzkopf. He became the first branded cosmetic product for hair. The range of products began to expand rapidly and soon consisted of 8 items. In 1919 the production had reached a new level, and the product has received the official name Schaumpoon. A few years later went on sale liquid detergents for washing hair.

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Say at once that article we won’t touch on universal hygiene products, adapted to and care for body and hair. They are in a separate category. We’ll talk about classic narrow products. In this context the main difference between shower gel shampoo is the destination of the funds. The first is used for body wash, and the second to care for hair. Accordingly, the gels contain substances that are moisturizing and softening the skin, and in shampoos is contributing to the growth and strengthening of hair. Anyway, so say the manufacturers.

In the composition of virtually all modern shampoos include sodium lauryl sulfate, which foams well, is inexpensive and washes well hair oils. In gels it is also present but in small quantities. Because they contain less foaming agent, apply the product on the hair will be somewhat problematic. And dirty curls much faster. Therefore, the use of the usual shower gel as shampoo allowable only in special cases. For example, if a person is in marching conditions or means on care of hair suddenly ended.

To summarize, what is the difference between shower gel and shampoo.

Shower gel

Intended for body wash
Designed to care for curls

Contains substances that are moisturizing and softening the skin
Includes components for the growth and strengthening of hair

Characterized by low concentration of sodium lauryl sulfate
The content of sulphates is higher

Creates less foam
Due to the abundance of foaming agents well and permanently removes the fat from the surface of the hair

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