What distinguishes the pig from the hog?

What distinguishes the pig from the hog? Now, few can accurately answer this question. But just a hundred years ago knew almost everyone, as rural residents made the majority of our population. The difference between male domestic pig, denoted by the terms «pig» and «hog» principle. Grunt is able to reproduce offspring, and hog – no.

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From the history of the pig

Humans have tamed wild pigs still at the stage of the primitive communal system. According to archaeological data, the first «experiments» on the domestication of these animals began about 13 thousand years ago. The first time, pigs kept in a semi-wild state (as now they are the Papuans of New Guinea), not particularly caring for breeding and fattening. It is not known exactly how and when people figured out that there was something different boar from the boar in terms of quality and quantity of meat produced by one individual.

One thing is clear: to distinguish them learned quite a while ago. This is indirectly evidenced by the fact that in the Russian language to denote a boar and hog are words with different roots. Most likely, this occurred after pigs were domesticated in full, i.e. steel building special spaces-piggeries. Maintenance costs increased, which led to the need for high-quality meat.

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It is difficult to say at what period and in what way the ancients determined that neutered the animal gains weight faster than not neutered. But, however, such knowledge emerged and actively applied in practice. Besides the meat from the alter had turned out to be more. Due to the cessation of sexual activity pig became inactive, leading to accumulation in body fat, and this made the flesh even more soft, tender and tasty.

The procedure of transformation of the male domestic pig from a boar (uncastrated) in the hog (castrato) is easy. To the pig who has not attained the age of three, comes livestock and SNiP with scissors! And future boar (it is the adult male-producers) turns into a future hog of alter intended for fattening. In the future, it remains only to carefully choose the diet and diet.

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What is the difference between boar and hog, it is clear from the table below.


Biological status
A buck
Alter designed exclusively for fattening

It is not known, as they are taken to the tribe, and the weight is of secondary importance
Hog named Big bill, weighed 1154 pounds. was a mix of Chinese and Polish rocks. Some sources say about the existence of past individuals named Old Slot weight 6 ton 395 kg. This is most likely error or deliberate misinformation. To assume that such forests did exist, it is impossible. Indeed, in this case its mass is several times superior to the mass of the nearest «competitor» and with an overall weight of large Indian elephant male

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