What distinguishes the substance from the body?

Substances and body belong to the material component of reality. And those and others have their own signs. Let’s consider what distinguishes a substance from the body.

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Substance called matter, with mass (unlike, for example, from the electromagnetic field) and having a structure of many particles. There are substances consisting of individual atoms, as, for example, aluminum. More atoms together in a more or less complex molecules. Such a molecular substance is polyethylene.

The body is separate, has its own boundaries a material object that occupies a portion of the surrounding space. The permanent characteristics of such an object are mass and volume. Body also have a specific size and shape that make up a specific visual image of the objects. The body may already exist in nature or be the result of human creativity. Examples: book, Apple, vase.

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In General, the difference of substances from the body is as follows: a substance is something created existing objects (the inner aspect of matter), and these objects are bodies (the outer aspect of the matter). Thus, the paraffin substance, and the spark of it’s body. I must say that the body is not the only condition in which can be substances.

Any substance has a set of specific properties, thanks to which it can be distinguished from other substances. These properties include, for example, features of the crystal structure or the degree of heat at which melting occurs.

Mixing the available components, you can get very different substances with their own unique set of properties. There are many substances created by people based on those that exist in nature. These artificial products are, for example, nylon and soda. The matter from which something is made the people are called materials.

What is the difference between matter and body? Substance is always homogeneous, i.e. all the molecules or other particles separate in it the same. At the same time, the body is not always characterized by homogeneity. For example, the Bank made of glass is a homogeneous body, and a shovel for digging inhomogeneous, because its upper and lower parts are made from different materials.

Some substances can produce many different bodies. for Example, make rubber balls, car tires, car mats. However, the body that performs the same function, may be made of various substances, as, for example, aluminum and wooden spoons.

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