Home teeth whitening folk remedies and Bliq pencil Pen

In pursuit of a snow-white smile forget about some reasonable limitations and begin to act to his own detriment. But the teeth – no hair, the new do not grow back, sorry. Therefore, before to make some manipulations with the teeth – think twice. We will tell you about popular ways to whiten teeth at home – some of them completely safe, while others are fraught with unpleasant surprises.

So, the first way is whitening pencil Bliq Pen


  • Security – does not cause increased sensitivity and inflammation of the gums.
  • Painless – no discomfort during the procedure and after it. At that time, even the hardware as dental bleaching is often accompanied by unbearable aching pain (because of high concentration of brightening component).
  • Gentle whitening – an approach characterized by sensitivity and enamel color changing gradually, not abruptly.
  • Efficiency – the teeth become 2-4 shades whiter than before.
  • Ease of use – pencil Bliq Pen is a stick, one end of which a brush for applying gel and rotating the dispenser. The procedure takes less than a minute, so you can take her in the morning or even at break at work.


  • The effect appears not at once – in order to see the difference in color, it is necessary to use a pencil Bliq Pen at least 7 days in a row. For comparison it is recommended that before use make photo.
  • Whitening pencil is only sold through a dedicated website, but delivery possible to any city.

The second way – budget

On the forums often POPs this old-fashioned pseudo-folk method of whitening teeth at home, for sure you heard about him is a mixture of baking soda with hydrogen peroxide.
The point is simple – mix the baking soda with the peroxide in the desired proportions, apply the mass on the teeth – and enjoy the result.
A number of the disadvantages of this method goes beyond all permissible limits:

  • The destruction of the enamel and penetration of the alkali into the dentin.
  • Opening dentine tubules and the appearance of hypersensitivity with all the ensuing consequences.
  • Burn mucous surfaces of the mouth.
  • The dulling of taste sensations.
  • Unnatural porcelain color – Yes, it should be understood that if the effect of the bleaching happens, it is to look your teeth are like dentures.

And are there advantages? While no one knows about them, probably, plus the fact that teeth will not fall out.

The action of any bleaching agent, including pencil Bliq Pen, based on the properties of sodium hydroxide, i.e. lye. But in the certified cosmetic composition measured and tested for safe use. And trying to put experimentation at home with a soda, you’re seriously risking the health of their teeth.

The third way – activated charcoal

Not quite true to say that this method of teeth whitening using activated charcoal, as it is rather clean.

  • The removal of plaque and stains between teeth – charcoal is really well-removes dark plaque and cleans the teeth, knew that our ancestors in Russia.
  • Low cost activated carbon is cheap, so the procedure will cost you some 20-30 rubles.

Activated charcoal cleans teeth better than regular toothpaste, but gives no whitening effect.


If your desire is to make your smile snow-white is absolutely steadfast, and opportunities to hold a special set of procedures at a dentist – it is recommended to use the complex in two ways.

First, it is good to brush your teeth with paste of activated charcoal, and the next day to begin applying the whitening pencil Bliq Pen. Then after a week you will see which you have a healthy, beautiful and white teeth.

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