How to choose a massage chair right for your home: useful tips

Are you familiar with the burning sensation in the back, neck, unbearable feeling of heaviness in the legs after a working day? Sedentary work, lack of exercise lead to the jamming of blood vessels, reduced oxygen supply of the brain. To avoid problems in the support system, to improve blood supply will help massage your back, legs and neck. How to choose a massage chair and why they are becoming increasingly popular? Providing procedure hardware massage, advanced models can replace not only massage, but also to cope with the functions of the medical consultant, scan your muscles and spine.

Kinds of massage chairs

Consumer market the «smart technology» offers customers a huge selection of models of chairs for massage, is represented by three categories:

1. Vending massage chairs. Have a wide range of programs affecting the muscles of the neck, back, legs, differing in strength, methods, types of procedures. Feature of massage chairs for business is the presence of a bill acceptor for cash the value from 10 to 100 rubles. To get a service massage hardware, you simply place the desired amount of money in the banknote receiver and select the desired procedure. Models are made for vending massage chairs as well-known manufacturers of Japan, Europe and the USA, and the rapidly progressing Chinese, Taiwanese companies:

  • Yamaguchi (Japan).Presents a lineup YamaguchiYA-200 in the price range of 115 to 135 thousand rubles.
  • Inada (Japan) in the section vending massage chairs offers a model with the possibilities of zero gravity INADA Zero-G medicalи INADA YumeROBO, which is possible through online shopping and network company representatives.
  • US Medica (USA) is the business version of массажераUS Medica 4-Expert with the capabilities of acupunctureacupuncture, Shiatsu, air-compression treatments for the price of 125 thousand rubles.

Legen (China) is a budget option LEGEN Tory system of spinal correction value from 122,5 thousand.

2. Office chair massagers. This is an office model with built-in roller mechanism, and a vibration function. Mechanism of action is similar to the familiar capes-massagers. The price of the most popular models is

  • US Medica (USA). US Medica Chicago has the possibility of vibrating, kneading and rolling massages cost from 40.5 to 45 thousand rubles.
  • GESS (Germany). Option office massage chair CPD allows you to adjust the headrest height, seat for any height. Hardware impact on the back muscles is due to the air bags in the absence of a roller mechanism. The price is 17 thousand rubles.
  • EGO (Singapore). Model EGO Boss EG1100 designed for the Russian consumer. The price is between 48 to 50 thousand rubles.
  • iRestPowerChair GJ-B2B-1 (China) has the functions of air and roller massage with tapping, kneading and stretching actions. The cost is 36 thousand rubles.

3. Massage chairs for home. The most extensive category of «smart massagers», with up to 100 kinds of models in the price range from 50 thousand rubles.

Selection criteria chair massager

To understand how to choose a massage chair for the house, you should examine the key parameters that has the most modern models. If an earlier version of «artificial massage therapists», were influenced mainly on the muscles of the back and neck using a roller massage or heating, the latter variations have unique capabilities.

Created with the direct participation of leading surgeons, orthopedists, chair massage most manufacturers have features of zero gravity, pre-scan of the body, but also help to perform hardware procedures in the arms, waist and thighs. Special attention is paid to developers massage of feet and shins, which relieves tired feet.

The high cost is justified massager with innovative technologies embedded developers. Saving on their own health, a sedentary lifestyle and low activity, you risk earn low back pain, varicose veins and other chronic diseases. What a massage chair for the house to choose and what parameters to consider when buying?


For installation at home you will need a free space in the apartment or house because of the significant dimensions of the piece of furniture. On dimensional characteristics impact the extent of functions performed: the fewer, the smaller and size:

  • the average height is from 120 to 150 cm;
  • width – not more than 100 cm;
  • length is up to 150 cm.

By purchasing a model with the possibility of «zero gravity», do not forget about the need for more space when moving in a horizontal plane. The length can grow up to 2 meters.


This is the main factor which affects the cost of a massage chair. The basic model with single function back massage start from 98 thousand rubles. With the increasing capabilities of the unit increases in proportion to the price. Modern chair models have 8 standard and 3 additional built-in functions:

  • back massage, legs massage, feet massage, hand, bulk 3Dмассаж are present in almost all the models available on the market massage chairs for the office;
  • the hardware procedures in position «zero gravity»(when the chair helps to change body position from sitting to lying down, reducing the load on the musculoskeletal system)provides the ability to derive the most benefit from massage;
  • body scan is aimed at the selection of special programs depending on weight, height and other anatomical features of the person;
  • specialized airbag perform the action of «stretching machine» that is used in therapeutic exercise to restore spinal health;
  • the advanced features in massage chairs include the possibility of listening to music through DVD or MP3 player; built-in control mechanism using the mobile phone, convenient stand for reception drinks.

The field of massage

Functions massage chairs allow the user to perform the following procedures:

  • massage of the cervical spine and back;
  • kneading foot and calf;
  • relief from area of hands and forearms;
  • 3d massage.

System and types of massage

To perform massage provide system hardware procedures through mechanisms:

  • roller;
  • air-compression;
  • ibrogimov.

The variety of programs embodied in the «brains» of the massage chair provides the effect on the problematic areas of the motor system, muscle skeletal, nerve endings. By purchasing a vending model, note the list of possible types of impact:

  • vibration;
  • Pat;
  • kneading;
  • tapping;
  • Pat,
  • rubbing;
  • stretching the spine;
  • acupressure Shiatsu;
  • massage roller;
  • heating with infrared radiation;
  • air-compression procedure;
  • Swedish massage.


Most models massage chairs are both manual and automatic control using the remote control. Some developments of manufacturers in Japan, Germany, China are equipped with computers that regulate the functionality of the device through smartphones and mobile phones users. The software comes equipped with a chair massager.


How to choose a home massage chair so that the criterion of «price-quality» arranged for a potential buyer? The high cost of equipment implies the existence of the main characteristics that guarantee durability, quality and effectiveness of massage performed:

  1. Design. The last design firms presented to the public,stylish, refined, elegant. Design finds the combination of light and dark tones of the accessories with the covering of the chairs, sleek futuristic silhouettes of these rather bulky items of furniture give the feeling of lightness and sophistication.
  2. The material for the upholstery of the massage chair. Less than 1% of the available on the Russian market models are covered in natural leather. The remaining portion is housed in a modern coating, called eco leather. The advantages of the latter include: durability, availability of anti-dust protection, self-healing forms in case of deformation; good air permeability, anti-allergenic properties.
  3. Wear resistance roller massage mechanisms of the chair and the availability of repair in case of technical malfunctions. 4 to 6 ergonomic clips with rubberized coating to successfully provide the durability of a particular model at least 10 years. This important parameter together with the engine is essential when choosing a good massage chair for the home.
  4. The quality of the materials used for the furniture and stands «home massagers». Inexpensive massage chairs made using thin plastic which can crack misuse, accidental shocks or temperature changes. In the production of more expensive options, manufacturers use a durable material with a special surface protection from scratches, smudges and bumps.


Market the massage chairs for the home are 23 producers, offering users new and more sophisticated models. Most European and American brands have placed production capacity in China, while the main offices and design offices are located in the country of origin of the brand. System of international certification ISO exclude the presence of defects or flaws in the production of maschinenkrieger. Therefore, the inscription «Made in China» currently is not synonymous with negligence and poor quality. Top 10 manufacturers of massage chairs:

  1. Yamaguchi (Japan) – premium segment of the market;
  2. iRest(China) –for middle-class consumers;
  3. US Medica(USA) – premium class;
  4. Casada (Germany) – the middle segment of purchasing power;
  5. Sensa (China) – for customers with a medium income;
  6. Panasonic (Japan) – premium;
  7. National (Japan) – premium;
  8. Anatomico(Italy);
  9. Restart (China) – the average price feature;
  10. Fujiiryoki (Japan) – product super-premium.

How much is a massage chair

Among the most important characteristics when choosing a massage chair is a value that depends on the popularity and imunitati brand, the quality of the furniture, as well as functions with hardware massage. The starting price of the underlying «simple» model with the sole massage function of the back and the cervical spine ranges from 90 thousand rbl. With the addition of new features in the form of the waist massage, 3d massage, scanning, or stretching the cost increases on average by 20-40 thousand rubles.

Prices for massage chairs for the home in the mid-segment proposed by the official representatives of the producing companies in Moscow and Moscow region, in the range of 78-150 thousand. Premium class «pull» from 150 to 350 thousand rubles., and massage the interior of super-luxury apartments can cost up to 1250 thousand rubles. The latter are made to individual orders and are often decorated with gold coating (stand) and Swarovski stones.

Where to buy chair massage

After the decision about the choice of a particular model there is a need to determine the place (the store) purchases. To buy a massage chair for the house you can:

  1. Visit the shop or the showroom of the official distributors of specific manufacturers. The advantage is a reality and accessibility of inspection for future purchases, the opportunity to test a massage chair in operation. Among the shortcomings can be identified «hidden» surcharges, caused by the costs of personnel and rent, as well as «modest» range of goods available.
  2. In multi-brand salon, specializing in the sale of «smart technology» for the house and office. In this store you will be able to compare and to test models of massage chairs from different manufacturers.
  3. Using the services of an online store. This kind of shopping is one of the fastest growing in Russia. Savings of up to 20% of the cost of off-line buying. Not to buy a «pig in a poke», you always have the opportunity to visit a real salon or exhibition massage chairs, baby-sitting is an interesting option. The advantages include free delivery and Assembly of the device.

The rated massage chairs

How to choose the massage chair that will turn your evenings or free time in a pleasant pastime with benefits for body and health? We bring you the top best and most popular massage machines of different manufacturers:

Model name

Country official representative of the brand

Brief description

Price, RUB.



Has more than 500 kinds of massage modes


Yamaguchi YA-2800


The massage chair is equipped with LCD monitor, has system scan.


iRest SL-A30-6


Max user weight – 100 kg roller Performs, compression, stretching, acupressure massages.


iRest SL-A31



US Medica Chicago


A home office chair massager


US Medica Infinity 3D


Features a 3d function massage




Has functions of vibrating, heating, rolling and acupressure.


CasadaSkyliner A300


4 years of free service. Has a mode of «zero gravity»




Back infrared heating, vibration and compression massage bring your body to a healthy condition


SensaRT 9100


More than 70 air-kompressionno pillows provide a combination of various massage techniques




Combined view of apparatus massage


Panasonic EP-30002


Scanning, all kinds of Shiatsu, the «smart» sensors


NationalEC 380 d


Has the function of Zero-G, an ergonomic structure


National EC 385 Euphoria


Programs include «Stress», «relaxation of muscles», «Wake Up»




Scanning, tapping, Stretch-massage


Anatomico Marco


Soft landing, 4 major programs, type of influence — Pat




Equipped with S-shaped carriage, has the capacity air compression and Shiatsu massage





3700 Fujiiryoki


Has 7 levels of adjustment


Fujiiryoki 3800


Introduced an innovative 4d massage


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