How to preserve birch SAP: preservation and storage to Nazim, recipes with photos and videos

Birch SAP is a delicious and healthful product. It is characterized by a large number of useful properties, which are widely used for the normalization of the functioning of the body. The collection of birch SAP is in the first month of spring, as the tree formed their first leaves. The procurement process of this medicinal product lasts only 14 days. How to preserve birch SAP at home? While most doctors recommend to consume the drink in its pure form, it does not lose its unique properties even after a long period of time after collection.

Ways to prepare birch juice for the winter — recipes

After harvesting the main question remains for the storage of the product. Pure birch beverage can be stored for more than a few days. To preserve all the useful properties of birch juice is possible with the help of preservation, freezing, sterilization. Delicious syrup made on the basis of this drink. Every woman has a recipe for product storage, but there are universal recipes, which should read more.

Freeze for future use in the freezer

Birch juice very quickly loses all its healing properties. The influence of oxygen and light contribute to the destruction of the greater part of the mineral compounds. The result is a product which turns into sweet water. Long-term storage of juice is freezing, which is performed by using the refrigeration chamber, but not more than 2 days. A variety of preservatives cause detrimental effects on the life-giving component of the drink. Therefore, sold in the store ready-made product may not be natural.

Conservation with lemon

Many people use this method of procurement of birch juice as a canning. There are now many recipes, thanks to which the drink is delicious, and is stored for a long time. For preservation of «the harvest», try the following recipes:

  1. In a container put the sugar, juice, lemon. Set all on the stove to a full boil and dissolving the sugar powder. Hot drink strain through gauze to eliminate various impurities. Pour the juice on banks, which then set in hot water (temperature 90 degrees) for 25 minutes.
  2. Fill the pot with birch drink and bring to the boil. On 3-liter jar to prepare these ingredients: 3 tablespoons sugar, 4 lemon wedges. These products are placed in 3-liter jar. After, put in cheesecloth and boiling birch SAP. Roll up covers, flip the bottle with a drink on the blanket and insulate.
  3. Need: SAP 25 litre sugar — 300 g, 1-2 lemon zest, raisins – 100 g. Fill a clean container strained the drink, add the washed raisins and lemon. All thoroughly and pour into banks, which after a close lid and leave for 5 days at room temperature (18 degrees). Then capacity need to set in a cool place.
  4. Just harvest to bottle, add a teaspoon of sugar, 5 raisins, citric acid, lemon wedges. Capacity clogging and to wait 4 days, then set them in a cool place (4-10 degrees).

The production of birch syrup

Of harvest can get a very tasty concentrate. For this purpose it is necessary to heat the beverage to a temperature of 60 degrees, and then evaporated to 75% of its volume. Next, the remainder of the juice should pour into a sterile banks and roll up. The resulting concentrate before use, always dilute with water so that the taste was not so intense.

Sterilization in cans

To preserve all the useful properties of the product will help the procedure for its sterilization. You need to bring the drink to a boil, pour into glass containers, cover with lids and roll up. Set jars in hot water (85 degrees) and keep them coming to us for 15 minutes. After, leave them to cool at temperatures 18 degrees. The resulting drink has an amazing flavor and preserves all its useful properties.

For as long as possible to preserve the juice without preservatives

The early methods suggested long-term storage of the harvested from the birch-tree «harvest,» and all the beneficial properties remain unchanged. But this product can be also used for other drinks, the use of which will not be less than from pure birch SAP. Thanks to them, saturate the body with valuable nutrients. Particularly pleased with the long shelf-life.

Morse is based on birch juice

Morse is the easiest drink that manages to get by using birch SAP. It is easy to prepare, and the number of ingredients you need minimum. All you need is any vegetable or fruit juice and birch drink. Obtained the ingredients to mix. Everyone can add sugar or honey. This is only to improve the taste of cooked fruit.

Kvass from birch juice with raisins

Very tasty and healthy brew is considered on the basis of birch. Here is a simple and popular recipe of the product. Fill with birch drink a glass jar, add the raisins, sugar, lemon zest, berries or fruits. Field mixing all the ingredients in a jar cover tightly and put in a dark cool place. To use the prepared brew is allowed after a couple of days. Enjoy the amazing taste of the drink immediately or to store it for 2 months.

Drink of birch juice

Those who want to cook a delicious birch-cranberry drink, you should use this recipe. To prepare 150 g of berries cranberries and squeeze the juice from them. Marc put them into the pot and add birch drink – 1 L. the resulting «juice» to install in a water bath, heat for 5 minutes. After cooling connect the liquid with cranberry juice, add a little honey.

Berezovyk in plastic bottles

To prepare this drink, you need to stock up on the following ingredients: birch juice – 5 liter port wine 1 liter lemon – 2 pieces, sugar – 1, 6 kg. Lemons wash and cut together with the rind pieces. To fill the barrel all other products, close the lid and move to the cold. After 2 months of pouring the product by plastic bottles and clogging them well. Storage of juice is in the supine position on the cold surface. The use of the product is permitted after 4 weeks.

Helpful whether the juice is harvested for a long time

According to medical studies, the reception of birch drink at least in the amount of one glass a day for 3 weeks helps the body to cope with such problems as vitamin deficiency, confusion, depression and fatigue. It is not recommended to take the juice to those people who are allergic to birch pollen. The drink is even in canned form perfectly retains all its beneficial properties. The product is preferably taken to people suffering illnesses such as:

  • violated the metabolism;
  • disorders in the stomach;
  • vitamin deficiency;
  • blood diseases, skin, joints;
  • sore throat;
  • bronchitis;
  • pneumonia;
  • the stones in the bladder and kidneys;
  • ulcer of the stomach;
  • bowel disease;
  • gallbladder disease;
  • low level of acidity;
  • scurvy;
  • headaches;
  • a sexually transmitted disease.

For birch SAP inherent excellent cleansing properties, thanks to which from the body quickly eliminates toxins, dissolve urinary stones phosphate and carbonate origin. The product increases the protective functions of the organism, protecting from colds, infections, allergic diseases. Still manage to achieve diuretic, anthelmintic, anti-tumor activity. Drink used to wipe the skin with acne, eczema and for moisturizing dry skin.

Video: how to store natural birch SAP for a long time

This product contains large amount necessary for the body trace elements, enzymes, salts of calcium, magnesium, iron. To store the juice in its natural form it is allowed to use the fridge or the glacier at a temperature of 4 degrees less than a month. If you want to enjoy the amazing taste of the drink even in winter, it must be pasteurized in glass jars, sealed and stored in a cool place not more than a year. How to do it right, look at this video:

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