Crochet beanies for girls with schemes for beginners with video

Beautiful things can be bought in shops, fashionable boutiques, to order through the online store. And exclusive, original you can create with your own hands. Mom can pamper girls original caps associated hook. To create such a masterpiece does not require special skills, high skill in knitting. You must know the basics of working with crochet, the ability to «read» or elementary to understand the schemes, the desire to create a unique thing for girls with their hands. To associate a beautiful hat will help presents master classes.

Rache step.

  • For decorative caps, knitted crochet, can be used satin ribbon, decoration ribbon or crochet related.

for kids from birth to 3 years:

  • Join in the circle of four air loop (VP). Each new row starts with 2 VP lift, and ends with connective.
  • In each loop provyazyvaem 2 polostevichi with brides.
  • Doing the addition in each row, promazyvaya every time two polostevichi in first stitch single motif. As a result of additions on the 7th row should get 56 loops. For older kids should knit another 3 rows with additions.
  • By the end of the work, purl all loops polostevichi with nakida until product of the required depth.
  • Knit ears, connective posts from knitting on the top of the head on one side. For decorative eyelet knit circle of suitable diameter. How to knit ears look at the photo below:

Summer hat with flower on side

Any hat or panamku associated hook may be decorated with a beautiful flower that will give the product of conviviality and refinement. To weave the flower can be used a variety of schemes. It all depends on what size you want to obtain and that prefer the needlewoman. Step-by-step creation of a laced cap, decorated with flower:

  • Make a ring from a chain of VP and 15 provyazyvaem columns with nakida (s/n).
  • To obtain the required diameter, it is necessary to do the addition in the 2nd row provyazyvaem 15 with s/n, separated 1 VP.
  • Then in each row we add 1 with s/n in each loop to obtain the bottom of the cap diameter:
  • To tie the hat on field, beautiful and delicate, you knit 6 rows, as shown in the figure, the last row promazyvaetsya thread of a different color.
  • To create the flower, simply choose the motif that best suits to work, will not overload, and will complement the product.
  • Ready hat, decorated with a beautiful rose is ready.

Cap with a pattern «Pineapple»

Original and good-looking pattern «pineapple» and it is perfect for knitting children’s hats. To work a yarn of the same color, if desired field it is possible to make a contrast. Thread it is better to choose cotton, they are clearly visible pattern in this hat is not hot. Phased implementation:

  1. Chain six stitches to close the circle. In each EAP purl 1 column with SC.
  2. 3 the number in each column provyazyvaem 2 columns with SC, 2 EP, 2 PRSs, repeat into all loops.
  3. 4 – 3 air loop lifting, 1ссн, 2 EAP, 2 PRS 2VP, 2ch – weave under the scheme about the end of the row in each arch EP of the previous series. Similarly to do the addition until you connected the bottom of the required diameter.
  4. Knit the main part of the beanie is the desired depth on the photo:
  1. To link fields, it is possible to use any scheme of knitting that is fun.
  2. For decoration can be used knitted flower sewn on the side, satin ribbon, laced in the bottom row of the main part of the cap or other decorative element if desired.

Children’s cap bee

Summer cap for girls may be decorated with beautiful applique or bee, who will give the product originality, uniqueness. The basis can take love hat created by different means, such as filet crochet, circular, columns with SC or other favourite option. Alternatively, you can make a bee-hat, associated with alternating black and yellow colors, decorated with tendrils and other decorative elements.

To link bee for decoration you will need 3 colors of thread: white (for wings) black and yellow (for Taurus), decorative items (eyes, antennae). For creating the Taurus you want to associate in a circle the oval, alternating colors and start adding loops, and in the end, narrowing down the product. To bee kept the forum it is necessary to fill with batting or other soft material. With white yarn, knit the wings in the form of droplets and sew to the base, glue the eyes and bee ready for decoration.

Video tutorials on knitting hats crochet for beginners

Link hat crochet for girls, even mistresses, who only recently began to master the skills with a hook. Get help from experienced knitters that can help you choose the scheme, will discover secrets and give advice. It is possible to study independently, studying master classes in crochet. To help in the development of the skills of crochet can video tutorials, which are looking at, it is possible to monitor the progress of the work, to find answers to many questions and learn to create hats for girls crochet.

Children hat, knitted in a spiral

To associate a beautiful hat crochet may use the scheme of weaving in a spiral. This methodology will be interesting, original pattern, perfect for spring and summer. Before you start, you must take your measurements with the girls, which is calculated outfit – head circumference and depth of the product. Choosing thread is to give preference to more thin and light, such better, you will see a pattern, they’ll keep shape. For decoration can be used a knitted flower or ribbon. Watch the video for details about how to knit a hat crochet in a spiral:

How to knit a simple beanie for girls

For beginner knitters who are just starting their acquaintance with needlework, should give preference to simple schemes with beautiful, but not in intricate patterns and easy technique of execution. Crochet beanie air loops and other simple options suitable for kids, baby girls. Despite the simplicity of knitting, the result will be a delightful accessory, which can decorate as you wish with sequins, beads or applique. Watch a video lesson with a detailed description of crochet baby hat for beginners:

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