Best program to record video from screen

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Usually, when talking about programs to record video and audio from computer screen, most people remember the Fraps or Bandicam, however this is not the only program of this kind. And there are many free programs the record desktop and game video worthy in their functions.

This review will showcase the best free and paid apps to record screen for each program will give a brief overview of its capabilities and applications, and a link where you can download or buy. Almost sure that you will be able to find among them the utility which suitable for your purposes. It also may be helpful: the Best free video editing software for Windows.

For starters, I note that the program to record video from the screen are different and function somewhat differently, so if you use Fraps you can quickly record video games with acceptable FPS (but not record the desktop), then in some other software normally will only write lessons on the use of the operating system, programs and the like — that is, those things that do not require high FPS and are easily compressed during recording. In the description of the program will not mention what it will do. First we will talk about free programs to record games and desktop, and then paid, sometimes more functional products for the same purpose. Also, it is strongly advised to install the free software and, preferably, to check it on VirusTotal. At the time of writing the review, everything is clean, but keep an eye on this, I physically can’t.

Built-in recording video from the screen and from games Windows 10

Windows 10 for supported video cards came the ability to record video from games and ordinary programs built-in means of system. Everything you need in order to use this feature — go to the Xbox app (if you have removed the tile from the start menu, use the search field in the taskbar), open settings and go to the settings tab of the entry screen.

You will then be able to set hotkeys to activate the game panel (in the screenshot below), enable and disable screen recording and sound, including microphone, change the video quality and other settings.

On your own feelings — easy and convenient for the novice user function implementation. Disadvantages — the need for a Microsoft account in Windows 10, as well as, sometimes, strange «brake», not in the record, and if you call the game panel (explanations are found, and watch on two computers — very powerful and not very). Some of the other features of Windows 10 that were not present in previous versions of the OS.

Free software for screen recording

And now for the programs that you can download and use for free. Among them, you are unlikely to find such, which will effectively record a video, but to record just your computer screen, Windows and other actions, their abilities will probably be enough.

NVIDIA ShadowPlay

If your computer have a supported graphics card from NVIDIA, in the NVIDIA GeForce Experience, you will find the ShadowPlay function is designed to record game video and desktop.

Except for some «glitches» NVIDIA ShadowPlay works fine, allowing to obtain high-quality video with the right settings, with the sound from PC or microphone without any additional software (as GeForce Experience installed and so almost all owners of modern NVIDIA card). I’m recording videos for my YouTube channel, just use this tool, and I advise you to try.

Detail: video Recording off the screen in NVIDIA ShadowPlay.

Use Open Broadcaster Software to record desktop and video games

Free program open-source Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a powerful software that allows you to stream (YouTube, Twitch, etc.) your screencasts and also record video from the screen of the games, with a webcam (and possibly overlay the image from your webcam, recording audio from multiple sources and not only).

In this case, OBS is available in Russian language (which is not always true for free programs of this kind). Perhaps for the novice user program may at first seem not very simple, but if you need really wide capabilities screen recording and free — I recommend to try. Details about how to use and where to download: the desktop Recording in OBS.


In the free program Ezvid, except for the possibility of recording video and audio, there is also a built-in simple video editor, with which you can split or combine multiple videos, add image or text to video. The site States that by using Ezvid you can also record and play the screen, however I have not tried this version.

On the official website of the program you can find tutorials on its use, as well as demos, for example — a video taken in the game Minecraft. In General, the result is good. Record audio from Windows and MIC are supported.

Rylstim Screen Recorder

Probably the most simple program to record the screen — you just need to run it, specify the codec for video, the frame rate and the location to save, then click «Start Record» (Start recording). To stop recording you need to press F9 or use the program icon in Windows system tray. To download the program for free from the official site


The program TinyTake, in addition to its tuition-free has a very nice interface, works on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (requires at least 4 GB of RAM) and with it you can easily record videos or make screenshots of the entire screen and its separate regions.

Besides these things, with the help of this program you can add annotations to your images, to share material on social services and perform other actions. Download free software from the site

Paid apps to record game video and desktop

Now about paid program is the same profile, if you need functions in free means you haven’t found or for some reason they came to your tasks.

Recording software screen Bandicam

Bandicam is not free, and probably the most popular software to record video games and Windows desktop. One of the main advantages of the program is stable work even on weak computers, small impact on FPS in games and a wide range of video saving settings.

As befits the paid products, the program has a simple and intuitive interface in Russian, which will be dismantled and new. With the work and perform its functions Bandicam too, any problems were noticed, I recommend to try (from the official site you can download a free trial version). Detail: video Recording in Bandicam.


Fraps is the most known program for recording video from games. The program is very easy to use, allows you to record video with a high FPS, good compression and quality. In addition to these advantages, Fraps also has a very simple and convenient interface.

The program’s interface is Fraps

Using Fraps you can record video and sound from the game, installing their own FPS videos, but also to carry out the performance test in the game or take screenshots of gameplay. For each activity you can customize the hotkeys and other settings. Most of those who record video games screen need for professional purposes, choose Fraps, because of its simplicity, functionality and high quality. Recording is possible in almost any resolution with frame rates up to 120 in sekundu.

Download or buy Fraps you can on the official website There is a free version of this program, however, it imposes several restrictions on use: video not longer than 30 seconds, and on top of it — watermarks Fraps. The price is 37 dollars.

To test FRAPS in the work I was not able (simply no games on the computer), also, as I understand it, the program haven’t been updated and the supported systems are declared only Windows XP — Windows 7 (but Windows 10 is also triggered). In this case, the comments ON to recording gaming videos mostly positive.


The primary application another program, Dxtory — recording gameplay video. Using this software, you can easily record the screen in applications that use DirectX and OpenGL to display (almost all games). According to information on the official website write is used special lossless codec that allows to provide the highest possible quality video.

Of course, you can also record sound (from the game or from the microphone), setting the FPS, creating screenshots and export video in a variety of formats. Interesting additional features of the program: if you have two or more hard drives, it can use them all to record a video simultaneously, while you do not need to create a RAID array — everything is done automatically. What gives? High recording speed and lack of lag, which are common in such tasks.

Action Ultimate Capture

This is the third and last of the programs to record game footage from your computer screen. All three, incidentally, are professional programmes for these purposes. The program’s official website, where you can download it (trial version for 30 days free of charge):

One of the main advantages of the program, in comparison with the previously described — fewer lags when recording (the final video) that from time to time it happens, especially if you are not the most productive computer. The program’s interface Action Ultimate Capture clear, simple and attractive. The menu contains tabs to record video, audio, tests, screenshots of the games, as well as the hotkey settings.

You can record your entire Windows desktop with a frequency of 60FPS or specify a separate window, the program or a portion of your screen you want to capture. For direct screen recording to MP4 supported resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 pixels at 60 frames per second. The sound is recorded in the same the resulting file.

Program to record the screen of your computer, create lessons and instructions (surcharge)

In this section you will be presented commercial professional software using which you can record what is happening on the computer screen, but they are less suitable for games, and more — to record the actions in different programs.


Snagit is one of the best programs with which you can record what is happening on the screen or a separate screen area. In addition, the program has advanced features to take screenshots, for example: you can capture an entire web page, in all its height, regardless of how much it needs to be scrolled for viewing.

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You download the program, and to view tutorials on using the program Snagit you can on the website of the developer There is also a free trial version. The program works in Windows XP, 7 and 8 and Mac OS X 10.8 and above.

ScreenHunter Pro 6

Program ScreenHunter exists not only in the Pro version, but also Plus and Lite, but all the necessary functions to record video and audio from the screen includes Pro only. Through this software you can easily record video, audio, pictures from screen, including multiple monitors simultaneously. Supports Windows 7 and Windows 8 (8.1).

In General, the function list of the program is impressive and it is suitable for almost any purpose associated with recording video lessons, instructions and the like. To learn more about it and purchase and download to your computer you can on the official website

I hope that among the programs you will find one that is suitable for your purposes. Note: if you need to record a video, and lesson, on the website there is one review of programs the record desktop Free software to record desktop.

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