Benefits of cinnamon with honey and yogurt for women and body slimming

Eastern spices is not only a flavorful additive to various dishes, to rolls, but also great benefit to the human body. An unusual spice from dried bark of the plant can boost the immune system. Benefits of cinnamon for health? Learn how the spice helps to lose weight, to improve the condition of hair and skin, helps to prevent colds and other illnesses.

Composition and useful properties of cinnamon

Medicinal properties of cinnamon are evident thanks to its unique composition. Cinnamic alcohol, aldehyde, cinnamicacid, essential oils, tannins, starch – components of the particle spices. Substances have antiseptic effect, prevent the occurrence of blood clots. Judging by the reviews, the essential oil cinnamon helps a person to recover from the flu, used in cosmetology, as well as ground cinnamon powder.

Application for therapeutic purposes

If you eat a spice with food, the sugar level in the blood is reduced, and the level is decreased appetite due to the smell. The feeling of hunger in humans at the time pritchet, metabolism is enhanced and the person drops the weight. More useful than cinnamon? Spice neutralizes the harmful effects of intestinal toxins, toxins, lowers cholesterol, improves functioning of the intestines and stomach.

Cinnamon with honey is very useful and tasty addition to tea, but with sugar it loses its usefulness, finding the increased calories. Such a spice for food reduces appetite and body weight do age-related changes are less dramatic. Cinnamon can be drunk by people who suffer from diabetes, unstable blood pressure. Spice is an active participant in the normalization of the hematopoietic system.

When the Flu and colds

If every day to eat a small spoon of honey and cinnamon, you can protect your body from colds, strengthen the protective functions of the immune system. Blood cells in the blood appear more active and health is strengthened. Cough well helps the composition of a folk recipe:

  1. 4 large spoons of honey with a teaspoon of cinnamon powder.
  2. Take a teaspoon three times a day and cough would not be after only a couple of days.

The flu can be use tea with the warming effect of ground powder:

  1. One stick of cinnamon brewed 4 cups of boiling water and infused for 20 minutes.
  2. If you want, you can sweeten with honey, add orange or lemon zest.
  3. Add honey in warm but not hot liquid.


Due to its useful components, Ceylon, the spice has beneficial effects on metabolic mechanisms, which is important in diabetes. With regular ingestion of cinnamon a person suffering from diabetes, reduced glucose level, maintain the level of good cholesterol and levels of glucose and hemoglobin improve. Bad cholesterol is significantly reduced in the body, which prevents the effect of toxic substances in the body. Blood vessels dilate, the insulin is absorbed better, metabolic rate increases.

Before to use cinnamon for medicinal purposes, consult with the endocrinologist at the expense of individual tolerance, and not to hurt spice. If you want to use spice as an additive to other products, start with grams to see the reaction, then increase as needed dose to 3 grams, but only after prior agreement with the treating doctor.


Weight loss using spices as feasible. Cinnamon for weight loss, when used correctly, after a time, gives good results in reducing weight. Than the beneficial natural cinnamon for the figure:

  • the decrease of glucose;
  • acceleration of metabolic processes of the body;
  • the preservation of a sense of saturation over a long period of time;
  • increased action of spices on the reduction of abdomen and waist.

To eat cinnamon should not, and adding to yogurt, tea, oatmeal, jelly, cocoa, coffee, cottage cheese. Favor will bring the spiciness when the dish will not be present sugar. High efficiency has such a method of taking cinnamon for weight loss, as preparation of a special drink:

  1. Spread the cinnamon powder with boiling water, and after cooling the liquid add the honey, the proportions of cinnamon and honey 1:2.
  2. A Cup of this drink split into two portions: in the morning drink half an hour before Breakfast and evening before bedtime.

If you love to drink kefir, fermented baked milk, milk, you can add spices:1 teaspoon per Cup (200 ml) of liquid. Tasty and good for your figure will be to eat the cinnamon with the cottage cheese, it goes perfectly with fermented milk products. To lower the sugar level, brew cinnamon with boiling water without the honey, and drink throughout the day in small portions, and after the main meals.

From pressure

For the most part of the Eastern spice is good for people with high blood pressure. With regular use it for food, after a while, patients showed normalization of the pressure. Adding a teaspoon of seasonings in food and drinks, a person with high blood pressure will soon reduce the rates. Can be eaten with honey, milk, tea or plain boiled water. Yogurt with cinnamon is considered as a useful product for the hypotonic.

If hypotension is allowed to use the seasoning, but in small quantities. Coffee lovers are allowed to add into a beverage in the morning, a pinch of cinnamon to improve health, especially because low pressure is observed in the morning. Thanks to this drink, increased emotional background, the overall condition of the body. You can not overdo it with the spice in high doses, it is able to significantly lower the pressure.

In cosmetology

For cosmetic procedures used powdery seasoning and essential oil. What useful properties and contraindications of cinnamon in the cosmetology field:

  1. Anti-inflammatory effect.
  2. Anti-cellulite effect when using the wraps, body masks with clay.
  3. Accelerated metabolism in the skin.
  4. Slow down aging of the skin.
  5. Hair strengthening, improved growth, useful for brightening of paint. Cinnamon for hair is an alternative to dyeing, the decoctions and masks ways to lighten hair, after a while.
  6. For women it is useful to use cinnamon as part of masks, scrubs for the face. So the skin becomes soft, tender and radiant, and wrinkles are smoothed.
  7. For dark hair use is not necessary, otherwise it may cause bleaching.

To strengthen the immune system

Frequent illness is a signal that immune defense of the body are reduced. Cinnamon is a helpful aid in restoring the protective reactions. Particularly effective are Ceylon and Chinese spice at prostudnyh diseases, because it contains a lot of minerals, vitamins, monosaccharides, disaccharides. What helps cinnamon:

  • frequent headaches;
  • gastro-intestinal tract;
  • the spread of bacteria, viruses in the body;
  • pressure or hypertension;
  • capable of raising a protective reaction against adverse environment;
  • great prevention of viral diseases.

How to use

There are several ways to use cinnamon with these components:

  1. With honey. On a quart jar of boiling water add a spoonful of powdered spices. Stir when the mixture has cooled, add two tablespoons of honey and take morning evening 100 grams daily.
  2. With kefir. Slimming suit like this drink: 200 ml of yogurt, add a small spoonful of cinnamon powder. If you add hot pepper (a pinch), improves metabolism, therefore, useful for those who are on a diet and wants to look like the model in the photo.
  3. With milk. One glass of warm milk, add a third of a teaspoon of cinnamon, preheat, boil this drink is optional.
  4. Coffee with cinnamon. This drink is prepared in a cezve, useful for people who suffer worsened health in the morning. You will need: finely ground coffee to 1.5 tsp., a Cup of water, a slice of cinnamon sticks (can be ground). All dry ingredients, place in Turku, cover with cold water. Put on fire to boil, and before boiling remove. Nastoyaschaya drink pour into the Cup. Optionally, before cooking coffee even add a clove.
  5. Tea with ginger and cinnamon. Useful hot beverage is prepared by: a teaspoon of ginger, half a teaspoon of cinnamon poured a Cup of hot water and infuse for three hours. If the liquid in the result is too sharp, add a slice of lemon or honey to taste.

Harm and contraindications

Not always the cinnamon becomes a useful medicine. There are a number of contraindications, which cannot be in the food product:

  • allergic reactions;
  • uncertainty about the genuineness of the product. There is a fake of the Chinese tree «Cassia», which causes headaches, and liver disease;
  • in large quantities is toxic to internal organs, particularly the mucous membrane of the stomach;
  • in case of bleeding;
  • prohibited in pregnancy, nursing mothers. Medicine confirms that the spice leads to contraction of the uterus, provoking a miscarriage even;
  • can not be used for gastritis, ulcers.

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