How to test gold for authenticity and hallmarked at home

In the 21st century the problem of authenticity of expensive jewelry precious metal is actual. Look defective product can well. Sellers under the guise of products of precious metal can or sell fake goods lower sample than stated. Gilding is another way of cheating. Consumers need to know how to check gold buying, at home and with specialized expertise in the laboratories.

What samples can be gold

Natural the gold in a pure form to make jewelry. This is due to the chemical properties of the precious metal. Gold is a very soft material. Without adding other components necessary form to do so. Create a colour effect changing the sample, the density and hardness mixed in a certain proportion of gold:

  • platinum;
  • silver;
  • copper;
  • bronze;
  • steel;
  • brass;
  • cadmium.

The sample shown on jewelry, shows what proportion of gold. It is measured in relation to other metals. Gold 999 is taken as the standard. It’s pure material. The 750 gold in the finished product is considered to be the maximum percentage. The setting tells the consumers: 100% of the materials taken for the manufacture of the goods 75% pure metal and 25% impurities. With the decrease of the sample change the properties of the finished product. Massive jewelry made of 585 and 583. You must understand the difference between a 375 gold from the sample 585:

  • A material with a lower coefficient of gold content is stronger, more reliable and durable. 37.5% of Aurum is used in the manufacture of watches, finishing, inlay, Antiques.
  • The price of this alloy will be lower than 585.
  • Attractive appearance of products, containing more base metal. With the addition of other color changes from light yellow to red and green.

In the USA, England and some European countries use the carat system for gold content in the alloy. As the standard taken on 24 carats. The metric system (used in Russia) from CT to the final consumer will differ only by the number indicated on the product. You can always translate the value of one number system to another. There is a statistical table on the Karat ratio and the sample. In the Russian Federation, the production, quality control and sale of precious metals is regulated by law.

How to determine the quality jewelry when buying (in the store)

When purchasing jewelry in the store, you need to solve question how to test gold when buying. Pay attention to the reprint or the print, standing on the product. On the legal product, according to the decree of the Russian Federation, should stand the sample and letter of the manufacturer’s hallmarks. The lack of print testifies to the illicit manufacture of jewelry before you jewelry. The quality of gold in different countries, therefore, buying jewelry is not in Russia, relying only on the sample impossible. Other features:

  1. Polishing the quality of the product should be brought to a Shine.
  2. Outer coating and the coating must be uniform, without cracks and scratches. Color – monochromatic.
  3. The stone in the presence of the jewelry should sit tight.
  4. Each item has a tag made of thick white paper with a hole for thread. On the label should indicate the product’s weight, its fineness, the manufacturer, the name (ring, chain), the legal address of the manufacturer.

Supporting the quantity and quality of impurities to the buyer can the color of the jewelry. White color product gives silver and platinum. Yellow – silver and copper, and first more. The red color indicates the prevalence of copper. Green – silver, cadmium and copper. Grey color gives the product steel. To purchase a antique item, or any piece of jewelry on the Internet, based solely on the photo. High risk of counterfeiting.

Ways to test gold authenticity at home

Many are wondering how to test gold at home. Hundreds of years ago when jewelries were made of pure metal, the authenticity was out on the tooth. The soft material was checked when pressing a hard object on it leave a trail. Now this method won’t work. It is difficult to imagine the reaction of the saleswoman jewelry store, when the buyer pulls a costly item in your mouth.

Indicated on the inner side of the product sample is not a guarantee of authenticity. To recognize the precious metal at home, having performed a number of chemical and physical experiments. The check is carried out with iodine, vinegar, magnet, lyapisny pencil, and using a testing stone. Happy owners of a musical ear can identify Aurum sounding. More reliable results will be when conducting laboratory tests.


How to check iodine gold: RUB a piece of rough material:

  1. Sandpaper with fine grit to walk on the surface of the product.
  2. Cotton stick wet in iodine, to be held in the place of contact of skins and embellishments.
  3. Gold will react with iodine and will darken. Other metals will not change color.
  4. The disadvantage is in the appearance in the jewelry adornment dark spots. Further the question arises of how to return the product.


How to test gold with vinegar: on the bottom of the glass is necessary to pour a small amount of liquid. Lower gold product. Keep in vinegar for 30 seconds. To watch the progress of the reaction. The right product at the liquid will not react. Other metals in contact with the vinegar begins to oxidize. The validity of the experience is reduced if the test product is below 750. In this case it will contain a large amount of impurities that will react with the vinegar.


How to test magnet gold: the method is based on the properties of various metals. They exhibit different physical properties. A piece of jewelry with a high content of iron premagnetized to the source. A good test is to touch does not respond. During the test it is important to know whether magnetic gold. This precious metal is on the magnet does not react. The lack of ways to check too. Some metals – copper and aluminum – is also not a magnet. The ideal experiment to test the iron content in the product.

Unfortunately because I pencil

Active ingredient unfortunately because I the pencil is silver nitrate. This product is used for medical purposes as cauterizing agents. In fact it is the opposite of the iodine test to determine gold. Only metal do not react with unfortunately because I pencil – Aurum. All other metals in contact with him change color. The purity of the experiment becomes questionable when the test for low sample.

Check on sounding

To determine the gold sounds difficult. Perform the test with high probability can only people with a musical ear in the absence of extraneous noise. Gold – clear metal. If you drop from a small height on a smooth solid surface, you will hear a crystal vibration. Other metals will fall heavily on the floor, or the sound will cut hearing.

Using a testing stone

To determine the purity of gold at home is possible by means of instrumental rock. Prior to each experiment the surface of the «tester» should be lubricated with oil and wipe dry with a paper towel. Next you need to draw the line Golden product on the surface of the stone. In parallel with the received track to make a direct assay needle, which in the experiment plays the role of a benchmark. With the help of glass rod dipped in the reagent chloride of gold, holding Golden crosses and the reference line. If gold line has darkened, it means the product is low purity (below 585).

Laboratory tests to verify precious metals (chemicals, acid, instrument, analysis)

Give precious metals in the laboratory for metallographic examination is not so often. This service is in demand in forensic science, Geology, Antiques, the entry rights of heredity. In institutions can establish the chemical composition of the metal or alloy, to check on damage, to learn the characteristics of durability.

To differentiate white gold from silver at home difficult. Conduct tests in laboratories. The analysis is carried out using reagents, applied acid. Experts look at a chemical reaction and write a conclusion. To distinguish gold from other metals will help the equipment of Russian and foreign production. The unit «the Gold detector» determines the purity of gold and quality of platinum. «Special detector» shows the quality of the silver, copper, gold base.

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