Drugs to lower blood pressure quickly and effectively

Statistics from the world health organization indicates that hypertension (high blood pressure) affects one in 3rd person. The high number is from 140/90 mm Hg. article that talks about the need to pay attention. In such cases, medications are used to lower blood pressure, which vary according to the type of impact. To ignore this condition, because the main danger is not in the very bad state of health, and the consequences. Significantly increases the risk of stroke, heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases.

Why is increased blood pressure

Before lowering the pressure, you need to understand what caused its increase. If the cases of hypertension occur more than 2 times a month, then it is a reason to consult a doctor for help. To provide an effective treatment and suitable medication you need to determine what factor causes hypertension. Doctors identify the following main reasons, which may be a provocative factor for high blood pressure:

  • a sedentary lifestyle;
  • Smoking;
  • prolonged stress;
  • the abuse of alcohol;
  • endocrine system diseases;
  • the use of large quantities of very salty foods;
  • the excess of adipose tissue, including visceral fat.

In some cases, to normalize blood pressure, it is not necessary to take medication. In many cases, helps salt-free diet, optimal exercise and emotional relaxation, which is also a non-pharmacological method of treatment. The first step to successful recovery must be examined: endocrine system test, EKG, etc.

In difficult cases in humans occur hypertensive crises in which there is a sudden increase in blood pressure immediately to high values appears kidney failure, possible stroke, and intracerebral hemorrhage. The patient should regularly check their pressure and take antihypertensive medications. Hypertension sufferers complain of:

  • headaches (in the neck);
  • dizziness;
  • fatigue;
  • poor sleep;
  • frequent pain in the heart;
  • cases of hemoptysis;
  • what can swelling of the limb;
  • visual impairment.

Drugs to reduce blood pressure

Blood pressure pills are divided into several groups, which exert their specific action. This is due to the different nature of the causes that trigger high blood pressure. To choose the right medication will help the doctor after the examination. If high blood pressure can sometimes be with you for the first time, don’t hurry to drink the first tablet. Many people use «Validol», the effect of which on the pressure reduction is not proven. In comparison with the effect of «placebo». Among the medications to reduce blood pressure isolated groups:


  • «Bisoprolol»;
  • «Metoprolol»;
  • «Nebivolol»;
  • «Kariol»;
  • «AgeLOC»;
  • «Atenolol»;
  • «Talinolol»;
  • «Bisoprolol»;
  • «Acebutolol»;
  • «Tenoric».

Calcium channel blockers (calcium antagonists):

  • «Corinfarum»;
  • «Stamlo»;
  • «Nifedipine»;
  • «Nimotop»;
  • «Kordafen»;
  • «Isoptin»;
  • «Cinnarizine»;
  • «Amlodipine»;
  • «Verapamil».

Myotropic antispasmodics:

  • «Papaverine»;
  • «Halidorum»;
  • «But-shpa»;
  • «Papazol»;
  • «Spazmalgon»;
  • «Duspatalin»;
  • «Dibazol».
  • magnesium sulfate or magnesium sulphate.


  • «Nitrosorbid»;
  • «Nitro-5»;
  • «Izoket»;
  • «Sustak»;
  • «Nitrosorbid»;
  • «Nitrong»;
  • «Sustonit»;
  • «Perlinganit».


  • «Benzogeksony»;
  • «Arfonad»;
  • «Ebrantil»;
  • «Phentolamine».


  • «Adelfan»;
  • «Oktadin»;
  • «Antipress»;
  • «Raunatin»;
  • «Reserpine»;
  • «Isobaric»;
  • «Rauvazan»;
  • «Rausedil».

Diuretics (diuretics):

  • «Hydrochlorothiazide»;
  • «Tripas»;
  • «Furosemide»;
  • «Uregei»;
  • «Lasix».

Central alpha-stimulants:

  • «Physiotens»;
  • «Mickey»;
  • «Clonidine»;
  • «Methyldopa»;
  • «Gemito»;
  • «Dopegit».

ACE inhibitors:

  • «April»;
  • «Captopril»;
  • «Enam»;
  • «Captopril»;
  • «Enap»;
  • «Lisinopril»;
  • «Amlodipine»;
  • «Capoten»
  • «Rintek»;
  • «Tritace».


  • «Olmesartan»;
  • «Losartan»;
  • «Valsartan»;
  • «Telmisartan»;
  • «Eprosartan»;
  • «Candesartan»;
  • «Irbesartan».

How to quickly lower blood pressure at home

With age the problems with AD are regular, so you should figure out how to reduce pressure in house conditions. You cannot take the first available tool, you need to analyze the condition that caused increase in blood pressure. According to these paragraphs, it is possible to find a medication which stabilizes HELL. If the patient has no chronic diseases, it is possible to start to lower your blood pressure, non-pharmacological ways.

In chronic zabolevaniyah of any kind is necessary to take medication. You should start with medications to reduce blood pressure soft actions, for example, «Verapamil», «Nifedipine», «Mickey». The most safe means to knock the HELL would magnesia or magnesium sulfate. If such was not close, the help of the previously mentioned medications. The drop in blood pressure will begin after administration of 1 tablet approximately 30 minutes. Need to drink not more than 1 tablet, otherwise the AD will begin to fall too quickly, the pressure will have to raise.

If blood pressure decreased, health has improved, you don’t need to take. On this day, it is necessary to refuse from alcohol, salty or fatty foods, to minimize stress. It is recommended to eat fresh fruit or vegetables, as a beverage to drink only non-carbonated water. In the case when these drugs didn’t help, you can use the powerful hypotensive diuretics: ethacrynic acid, or «Furosemide» as a rule, take two tablets at once. The drug lowers blood pressure within one hour.

If these steps do not help to reduce the pressure, you should call an ambulance, because we are talking about a serious, dangerous condition. If you call physicians is not possible, you can take «Dianabol» by drinking 1-2 tablets. In the presence of chronic diseases of the heart or blood vessels it is better to use «Phentolamine». This drug is administered only intravenously, so ispolzovat only if the conditions for intravenous injection.

Medicine «Detoxed» can be taken to reduce blood pressure only if the patient has heart problems because the drug depresses his work. Remedy has a fast effect to reduce blood pressure. He is charged for 12-18 hours. Often a drug used by people insecure, hard carrying stress and health problems. In case of emergency to reduce blood pressure inject «Pentamine», «Chlorpromazine» or «Arfonad». Use this method rarely, in cases when more gave nothing to relieve the pressure.

The effectiveness of blood thinners

Among drugs to reduce blood pressure there is a group that is aimed at thinning the blood. These medicines may affect the already formed clots and to prevent new ones. As a rule, prescribe drugs after surgery or in cardiovascular diseases. Write them the doctor after survey and analyses. Only he can correctly identify the correct dose of the medication to the regimen for better effect. List of tools for lowering blood pressure, thinning the blood:

  1. «Heparin». The most popular drug in this group. The drug contains the same substance that leeches inject when they bite humans. Appointed and accepted the medication only under the supervision of a physician.
  2. «Warfarin». Inexpensive, effective means to reduce blood pressure, which is very popular.
  3. «Dabigatran». The analogue of «Warfarin», which allows to achieve the desired level of anticoagulation.
  4. «Rivaroxaban». Modern drug with a new active substance.
  5. «Trental». Proven medication that is well-established as an anticoagulant.
  6. «The glockenspiel». German drug, prevents the formation of blood clots.
  7. «Aspecard». The action aimed at monitoring the formation of platelets.
  8. «Fenilin». Fast-acting medication, but has a long list of restrictions and contraindications. Assigned rarely and only after the individual diagnosis.
  9. «Aspirin». The most accessible and well-known drug for blood thinning. It is used to prevent stroke, heart attack in older people.

Diuretics for high blood pressure

In medicine frequently used diuretics at high pressure to reduce this figure. Some have a more pronounced effect on the body, some less. The purpose and use of the drug occurs at the discretion of the physician. The decision depends on the presence of other diseases, severity of hypertension. The reason is that some diuretics may cause harm to human health. Used to lower blood pressure the following popular drugs:

  • «Indapamide» – dosage 1.5 mg;
  • «Hydrochlorothiazide» – dosage 100 mg, 25 mg;
  • «Spironolactone»;
  • «Triampur».

Recommendations for use of diuretics

  1. While taking medication to lower blood pressure in this group need to reduce the amount of salty foods in the diet.
  2. If the urine comes out potassium, its deficiency should be remedied by using vitamin complexes.
  3. Not at the time of the admission dioretikov from alcohol, hypnotics medication. They enhance the side effects.
  4. The best time to administration of diuretics – morning. Reception at night can affect your rest because of the constant trips to the bathroom.
  5. Regularly measure blood pressure, follow your doctor’s instructions.

Antihypertensive drugs last generation

Pharmacological industry is constantly evolving, each year conducting research in the field of medical treatment of high blood pressure. Due to the prevalence of the disease he paid a lot of attention. At the moment the new progressive and anti-hypertensive medications are considered 3rd generation. Among them one can distinguish the following medications:

  1. Inhibitors of renin. Good results on clinical studies show «Aliskiren» (Rasilez). In 52% of cases, the daily rate of the drug 75 mg reduced blood pressure to the expected result. The effect of the drug is observed not only after admission, but the next morning.
  2. Receptor antagonists angiotensin. A new drug of this group – «Olmesartan» (Cardosa). Within 24 hours once accepted 20 mg or 40 mg. When taken regularly has a persistent effect in lowering blood pressure, low likelihood of side effects, there is no «syndrome».
  3. Diuretics. From a new generation of drugs emit «Tripas». Especially good results can be seen in the elderly and those who suffer from diabetes. To use this kind of antihypertensive drugs without prescription, you.
  4. The ACE inhibitors. From modern developments physicians distinguish «Fitpanel», but the practical application shows that he is no different from the «Lisinopril» or «Enalapril». The regimen is assigned by the attending physician.
  5. Alpha — and beta-blockers. In this group of three drugs of new generation: «Labetalol», «Carvedilol», «Nebivolol». Assigned to combined therapy, from «Inderal» have better ability to expand the blood vessels, slow the heart rate (important for patients with tachycardia), but still have a distinct «syndrome».
  6. The calcium channel blockers. From the third generation secrete «Amlodipine». There is a list of contraindications, so using alone for treatment of hypertension leads to unpleasant consequences.

Non-pharmacological treatment of hypertension

To non-drug ways of treating blood pressure is not only healthy food, exercise, and emotional relaxation. There is a list of folk remedies that are designed to help high blood pressure. In order to relieve high blood pressure, use therapeutic tinctures, teas, berries, which are used in a prophylactic role. Examples of folk remedies to relieve stress, lower blood pressure:

  1. Tincture of cloves. Pour in a Cup of boiling water 30 g of seed plants. Allow to stand for 6-9 minutes, drink small SIPS tool.
  2. Hot water bottle with hot water attach to the calves feet for 20-30 minutes. To do the procedure 2-3 times a day.
  3. Acetic acid 9% mix with water in a ratio of 1 to 1. Dip in the received medium socks, put them on his feet. Top socks wrap the package with plastic wrap. Remove the compress after 5 hours.
  4. Leeches. Old and proven means of reducing blood pressure. You need to put them on the back or neck.

Pills to normalize blood pressure in pregnant women

Most women when pregnancy is diagnosed as high blood pressure. No such treatment had no effect on the fetus. In this regard, at the initial stage of pregnancy (first trimester) therapy on blood pressure reduction is not carried out at all. Next, the girls recommended «Magnerot», «B6», because most expectant mothers jump the HELL it happens because of shortage of magnesium.

Drug treatment is used only when blood pressure has risen above 140/90 mmHg. art. Among the drugs popular means of different groups, for example:

  • «Methyldopa» and «Dopegit» – alpha agonists;
  • «Atenolol», «Metoprolol» – beta-blockers;
  • «Nifedipine» or «Isradipine»;
  • «Clopamide», «Chlorthalidone» – thiazide diuretics.

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