What is good for the liver: what foods to eat, what to treat and how to clean

The most amazing organ the human body – the liver. If concerned about the weight and beginning to ache in right hypochondrium – then you are in danger: the liver no longer functions correctly. This leads to very serious problems – hepatitis, cirrhosis, cancer. That the body worked properly, it needs attention. What is good for the liver? We will try to understand her work, what should eat foods that you need to do to maintain functions, exceptions, causes of the disease.

Why should restoring liver

This organ in our bodies doing tremendous work, saving in difficult situations, neutralizes all toxins that enter the body, neutralizes and removes the decay products. In addition, the liver helps:

  • to produce bile accumulated in the gallbladder;
  • to regulate blood clotting;
  • to break down alcohol;
  • to control cholesterol;
  • regulate metabolic processes;
  • to create reserves of vitamins;
  • to regulate glucose levels;
  • to reallocate nutrients;
  • to synthesize proteins;
  • to fight infections.

The liver is the only organ that after breaking can regenerate cells, it is necessary only to help. What harms the liver, which substances, products need to be protected to improve the work? Devastating factors are:

  • alcohol, Smoking;
  • medications;
  • infectious diseases;
  • inflammation of the liver, gall bladder;
  • obesity;
  • consumption of sugary foods;
  • fatty, fried foods.

Separately should be said about the foods that are bad for the body. These include:

  • margarine and food with him;
  • fructose leads to increased insulin concentrations, the appearance of fat and the disturbance of liver function;
  • foods that contain MSG (soy sauce, Chinese noodles, chips). Have a devastating effect on the liver, forming scars and causing cirrhosis.

He loves liver

What good for liver function can be done by anyone? First of all, a healthy lifestyle – avoiding alcohol, Smoking. It is important to observe the mode of work and rest, to give a moderate exercise. Most affect the proper functioning of the liver food. Normalizing it will help:

  • fasting days;
  • proper food preparation – frying, Smoking;
  • useful products;
  • diet;
  • taking vitamins;
  • limit sugary foods;
  • clean water.

Diet for diseases

The normalization of the body helps diet using healthy ingredients. It is important to make the menu, following the recommendations of doctors, nutritionists, and properly prepare meals. What foods includes a diet for the liver?


Hake, cod, seafood


Lean beef, chicken, Turkey


Scrambled eggs, boiled


Vegetarian vegetable, mashed potatoes, milk


Vegetables, herbs


Coarse grinding, baking excluded


Oatmeal, buckwheat, rice

Dairy products

Low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese, milk

Vegetables, fruits

Beet, banana, persimmon


Mousse, jelly


Oil sunflower, olive, linseed


Tea, juice

Useful products

To improve the performance of the body will help some substances, regenerating cells, protect from the negative effects. What foods are good for liver and help its function?


Starts the enzymes that protect the liver. Does not deteriorate the cells.


Contains pectin, which works in the body, binding heavy metal salts, cholesterol, toxic substances.


Creates a stock of plant sugars. Delays and outputs the fiber 15% of the toxins bypassing the liver.


Contains substances that remove toxins

What is good to eat for liver? It is important to eat foods that improve her work.


Launches a bile acid. Prevents the formation of stones, sand in the gallbladder.


The product starts the process of removing fat

Goji berries

Burn fat, removes cholesterol harmful to blood vessels.


Prevents the return of toxins in the liver, due to the content of pectin.

Greens, grass

Stimulates the gall bladder. Contains vitamins to support and participates in the elimination of toxins.


Helps to empty the gallbladder. Reduces the level of cholesterol. Protects cells from destruction

How to treat liver cleansing

Cleansing is a popular remedy for the treatment of diseases of the liver, gallbladder. There are various methods of carrying out the procedure. There is a well working recipe for daily use: in the morning on an empty stomach to drink a big spoon of olive oil. It is recommended to clean the liver, gallbladder herbs. In the thermos with a volume of half a liter to pour boiling water, put 4 tablespoons of the collection is a portion of the day. Drink in the morning on an empty stomach and at night before bedtime. Grass alternated or mixed in equal quantity. Part of the collection may include:

  • Helichrysum;
  • dandelion;
  • corn silk;
  • the celandine;
  • the rosehip;
  • nettle;
  • plantain.

We should also dwell on the method of cleaning that requires time to conduct. Detoxification is recommended to perform once a week and continue the course of a month and a half. Tyubazh – cleansing of the biliary tract is performed using sorbitol. After a couple of hours after the start of the process you will proslabit – it will release from the gall bladder and the cleansing of the body.


  • dissolve in a Cup of water 3 tablespoons of sorbitol;
  • to drink in the morning, on an empty stomach;
  • go to bed;
  • with an electric heating pad to lie on his right side for 2 hours.

There are more advanced method, cleansing liver, gallbladder with the help of products: olive oil, lemon juice. The method requires a three-day preparatory stage, a special diet; be sure to clean the intestines. Method is not recommended for use if you have gallstones — there are bouts of acute pain because of their movement and may require removal of the organ. If you are going to do the cleaning, first consult your doctor.

Treatment of folk remedies

There are recipes for daily use. Regular use of products helps the body, has a choleretic effect:

  • instead of one meal, eat one hundred grams of pine nuts;
  • on an empty stomach drink a glass of broth hips;
  • to wash down a spoonful of honey water with lemon juice;
  • drink a glass of kefir or another fermented milk product with two tablespoons of powder nettle;
  • drink warm water;
  • eat a handful of pumpkin seeds.

There are recipes durable, helping to cure the body, to organize its work. Used them for two months, morning and evening. Advised to drink half a Cup of sauerkraut juice, alternating with beet juice. Well helps the herbal tea that includes herbs: St. John’s wort, immortelle, knotweed is to drink a glass. Recommend 20 drops of an alcoholic solution of propolis in a glass of water. Can check the recipe:

  • take half a Cup of oats;
  • boil 2.5 liters of water;
  • pour oats;
  • add 150 grams of honey;
  • warm to survive the day;
  • to filter;
  • drink a glass after eating.

Prevention of liver diseases

In order for the liver to function correctly, and if necessary, can quickly recover, he needs help. What to do to prevent? In this situation it is useful:

  • To organize a proper diet – avoid fried, fatty, smoked. To use rough fiber, to reduce the amount of protein products. To limit the sour, sweet, spicy.
  • To lose excess weight.
  • Take drugs prescribed by a doctor.
  • Get rid of bad habits. Stop taking alcohol, no Smoking.

Disease prevention involves the use of hepatoprotectors: «Allohol», «Essentiale Forte». In addition, it is recommended that:

  • periodically clean the gall bladder, the liver;
  • to get rid of parasites (amoebas, Giardia, Ascaris);
  • to avoid rapid weight loss;
  • to refrain from fasting;
  • to drink water;
  • beware of toxic substances and products;
  • to prevent work hard, to limit heavy exercise.

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