Post-stroke rehabilitation at home: exercise and nutrition

A full rehabilitation treatment, physical therapy and physiotherapy after a stroke is important for rehabilitation of the patient. For a number of reasons specialized centers and resorts are not always available, then the actual rehabilitation after stroke at home. The patient needs proper care, massage, diet. Many learn to walk again. All of this requires more effort from the person caring for a loved one who has suffered an attack.

Care for patients after stroke

Acute impairment of blood circulation in the brain has serious consequences, including death, and surviving patients often receive disability. In addition to the loss of speech, impairment of vision and memory, immobility, the patient can torment:

  • insomnia (complain about 60% of patients);
  • hallucinations (usually in elderly);
  • dizziness, noise and pain in the head.

All these features of the patient’s condition need to take into consideration, try to understand that it hurts. Often people can’t Express their problems with words, until it is restored at least partially. Rehabilitation after a stroke at home is limited compared to treatments in specialized centers. The house is not possible to install high-tech simulators, but care and the presence of a number of loved ones allow the patient to return to life.

After ischemic

Of all cases of stroke 80-85% of statistics are ischemic. It is divided into three types:

  • thromboembolic, arising from thrombosis of cerebral vessels;
  • hemodynamic, which causes prolonged spasm of cerebral vessels, caused by lack of nutrients;
  • lacunar, manifested in the form of disorders of a patient’s senses, motor functions.

After stroke, stroke of any severity the first time the patient needs to have strict bed rest. Ischemia may cause the defeat of left-sided or right-sided nature, they become paralyzed. When caring for bedridden patients, it is important not to let him remain long in one position, you have to flip it every 2-3 hours.

After hemorrhagic

When this kind of occurs stroke cerebral hemorrhage. 30-60% suffered an extensive brain hemorrhage in a coma, dying. The main task at the first stage, when recovering from a stroke has just begun, to avoid bedsores. It is important to learn how to turn, Seating the patient, to pass and raise him. On the patient’s behavior affects what part of the brain is affected, left or right. The process of returning to normal life after the disease begins in the first weeks and lasts approximately 1.5 years.

Treatment after a stroke at home

Taking suffered from brain stroke from the hospital, it is important to continue assigned drug treatment. The patient should obtain medications that the blood flow in your brain to normal. To do this, write tools such as «Encephabol», «Actovegin» (tablets and injections), «Vinpocetine», «Mexidol». With the help of drug therapy, the brain is enriched with glucose and oxygen. To restore all the functions necessary complex of measures, the program aimed at rapid rehabilitation of the patient, including diet, massage, gymnastics, speech therapy classes.


Nutrition after stroke in the first two weeks is carried out using a teaspoon. Food to bring to a semi-liquid consistency, RUB. When swallowing, the patient recovers, you can feed more solid food. Eliminate foods that increase cholesterol: the pastries, the buns, all fat. Planning my menu, try to use the following products:

  • Grains half must be whole grain (wheat, rice, oats, corn, buckwheat).
  • Vegetables beans, peas, dark green and orange foods.
  • Fruit daily, fresh, dried, frozen.
  • Dairy products (low-fat).
  • Proteins lean meat poultry, not on a daily basis, it is sometimes replaced by fish and legumes.
  • Fats are nuts, fish. Don’t cook with margarine, lard, butter to give at the minimum level. Preferred vegetable oils.


Its starting to make in ischemic stroke by 2-4 day, in hemorrhagic at 6-8. The first treatments last about 5 to 10 minutes, gradually extended to half an hour. The course includes 20-30 daily sessions. After a break for a period of two months the massage resumed. If it is not possible to invite a massage therapist, you need to perform the procedure independently, to take lessons from a professional or download a suitable method and consult with your doctor.

Exercise after stroke at home

After 1-2 weeks, when the patient gets better, you can start to make physical exercises. During rehabilitation after a stroke at home available and easy to perform passive exercises, performs all actions with a sick one who is caring for him. Useful the following exercises:

  • Breathing exercises. Ward must be taught to slowly inhale and exhale through slightly parted lips, while saying «W-W-W». You can inflate the ball.
  • Actions with a rolling pin. Laminating on the surface of the feet, palms of the patient.
  • Passive charging. Bend and straighten alternately the hands and feet of the patient lying on his back.

Therapeutic exercises

When the patient can first move paralyzed limbs, begins to recover the sensitivity, the time to accustom the patient to physical activity, first in bed, sitting, then standing, and then you can proceed to a slow walk. During rehabilitation after a stroke exercises should take between 2-3 hours daily, not in a row, small complexes: the first week of 40 minutes two times, three times a day.

Daily walking is needed when the patient can stand. You can walk around the apartment with ski poles, as the load on the hands. Noted a beneficial effect of yoga in rehabilitation of the patient, asana eliminates the disorders of the nervous system. Restoration of vision after stroke is also accelerated with the help of special exercises for concentration and focus.

The restoration of speech

The more in stroke-damaged brain, the slower it recovers. Successful rehabilitation of speech occurs in the first year, then the process slows down. After stroke defects of pronunciation, to which we have to adapt. The patient needs to have speech therapy classes in the program, constant verbal communication with loved ones, learning tongue twisters, reading aloud texts.

Video about how to restore movements after stroke


Antonia, 39 years: my Dad had to go through an ischemic stroke, his condition was serious. Released from the hospital, dad wasn’t talking, couldn’t walk, paralyzed right hand. The period of complete recovery was long, almost two years. Mom did not give up, continued to work on the rehabilitation of the Pope, now he walks, talks, tinkering at the cottage.

Alex, 45 years: I Have diabetes, excess weight, a year and a half ago, these problems have led to the stroke. The doctor threatened the development of the disease, if I don’t go on a diet and don’t prefer them. Lead a healthy lifestyle, with moderate exercise, fear of attack. Dropped 25 pounds. Take care of your health!

Maria, 30 years: Hemorrhagic stroke was my mother, six months ago. It was awful, mom almost a month did not speak, suffered from insomnia. Then condition began to pass, she came to herself. The rehabilitation course was held at home. The nurse came to administer injections, and I did massage. Most importantly — encourage patients to move.

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