How to shave a man machine, straight razor and electric shaver

The shaving process brings pleasure to many. It requires some skill, so to completely get rid of unwanted vegetation without harming the skin, to the first hair removal experience should be taken responsibly. How to properly shave to avoid cuts and discomfort, and also which shaver is better to use?

What shaving device to choose

Choosing between an electric razor and conventional machine tools, many people prefer the second option. The machine is easy to use, economical and provides good quality hair removal. Electric shaver cons: high cost, not enough good quality remove the hard rind and the need to clean blades. However, some models have a self cleaning function that makes their use more convenient. In addition to this, wet shaving is healthier for the skin, because the pores are cleaned. However, the electric shaver has its advantages.

A machine for shaving the face

Shaving using an electric shaver eliminates the risk of cuts and allows you to quickly get rid of unwanted vegetation. Blades of electric shavers do not require frequent replacement: depending on the type of foil the surface they are functioning properly and a half to three years. Some models, for example, many electric shavers Philips («Philips») and Braun («Braun») are equipped with additional functions: trimmer, Styler for the beard. With such devices there are no problems with how to cut facial hair or how to shave a stylish sideburns.


When choosing a machine, with blades safe, it is recommended to focus on their own preferences and habits. It’s easy for someone to use disposable razors, but for someone more comfortable machine with replaceable blades. The last option is more economical: one-off machines are used no more than 1-3 times, while replacement cartridges of quality brands can serve for 1-2 months.

The choice of shaving gel

Gel in the shaving process required to create a dense foam that softens the hair and provides a better sliding of the blades. From budget funds the highest quality are «Arco», «Nivea», «Vest», «Loreal». Among them you can pick up as low cost options for normal shaving, and special gels for sensitive skin. If the skin is prone to inflammation, there often appear the acne or blackheads, it is recommended to choose tools with anti-bacterial components.

How to shave with a machine man

The main principle to be observed when shaving – all movements of the machine must be performed by hair growth. For a cleaner shave is allowed to send the machine not on the growth of hair and slightly at an angle. However, the young guys, whose skin is not yet accustomed to the effects of blades, better to wait with such experiments. High quality shaving machine in the following sequence:

  1. Preparation of the skin. To shave without irritation, it is necessary not only sharp blades, but proper preparation of the skin. Before you apply the gel, you want as wash with hot water.
  2. The application of the gel. Immediately after washing you need to apply evenly on cheeks, chin and neck foam or shaving gel. This is done by hands or a special brush.
  3. Shaving of the cheeks. It is necessary to hold the machine from top to bottom from the beginning of growth of hair up to jawline. After 1-2 passes, always rinse the blades under a strong jet of water.
  4. Shaving the chin. The machine need to carry out from the neck towards the chin. Should not be much pressure on the skin: the movement should be confident, but soft and smooth.
  5. Shaving the mustache area. The hair in this area is the most convenient to shave off her lips. For a more thorough hair removal machine better directed at a slight angle.

After all these actions need to wash and check whether they managed to shave off all the hair. If on the face or the neck remained navarretia areas, they should walk again, choosing different directions of movement. However, to hold the blades in the same place not more than 1-2 times. Otherwise, the skin will inevitably suffer from cuts or irritation.

How to use electric shaver

Shaving with a special appliance does not require any training or special skill, so young people, first confronted with the question how to shave with a machine, it is necessary to understand only one subtlety. Processing face electric shaver of rotary type, it is necessary to make a smooth circular motion. If the device has a grid surface of the shaver, the shaving should be translational motions up and down.

The technique of shaving with a straight razor

A straight razor consists of a blade (of a knife, i.e. blade) and the handle. Immediately to master this way of shaving is impossible: it would require at least six months, and even year of constant practice. Skin preparation and care it will be the same as when using a regular razor. However, the technique and the rules of hair removal razor vary greatly:

  • If the face has pimples, acne, warts or moles, they should be around even when washing your hair to avoid cuts.
  • Hold the razor in his hand is allowed as it is convenient, but it is better to master at least the basic techniques. The shaver cannot be placed perpendicular to the skin surface, otherwise you can get cut.
  • During shaving in front of every move is necessary to stretch the skin, positioning the fingers behind the razor.
  • The slope of the blade of the razor against the skin should be no more than 15-20 degrees, and for best cutting hair blade you need to move the entire plane of the cutting edge, but only part of it, guiding the shaver head at an angle of 30-40 degrees.
  • The entire shaving process is divided into two stages: first the face is processed by the razor on the hair growth and then against it (in certain areas, where failed to shave off all the hair the first time).
  • When using a straight razor is not allowed to hold the blade from the top to the very bottom of the zone of growth of hair. Movements should be short, sharp, but at the same time sliding and light.

Shaving armpits

Before you shave armpits, area of hair growth should be treated with soap and gel. Safer and easier to remove hair in the armpit using a conventional machine. Its movements should be directed from top to bottom, but a little obliquely. Not worth it to hold a razor along the entire length of hair growth. Better to make a short movement, not forgetting before each wash with the blades shaved hairs and foam.

How to shave bikini area girl

To shave the bikini area without irritation and to avoid in this delicate area of ingrown hairs, razor is carried out exclusively in the direction of hair growth. Your free hand should slightly pull the skin so you can shave off the unwanted vegetation with a single movement. If a woman wants to get rid of hair permanently, it is more efficient to use for bikini is not a razor, epilator, wax strips or the procedure shugaring.

That will help get rid of irritation after shaving

If after the procedure of shaving facial hair has irritated, it is possible to eliminate it will help softening creams, lotions or oils intended for care of skin after shaving. Use for the treatment of face and neck with Cologne is not recommended. He is well disinfects the skin, but severely dry her, causing even more irritation and flaking.

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