How to apply blush on oval and round face so it seemed thinner

Blush is considered the final stage in creating the image with the help of makeup. They can dramatically change the face of women as the better and a totally different side. To select and use this type of cosmetics to the mind. To understand how to properly apply blush to give the skin a good tone and look stunning, you need to remember a few rules. To take into account is your face shape and type tools to create an artificial blush.

How to apply blush for face shape

Face shapes women are forced to approach the applying makeup differently. Each young and more Mature ladies have their dignity, which is successfully and safely stress. There are also drawbacks that need skilled, high-quality concealing. First, it is important to identify the form, what type of your face. After easy to understand how and where to apply blush.

Per square

The main drawback, conspicuous, women with square faces are sharp jawline and wide cheekbones. Visually smooth out rough features applying blush to the «apples of cheeks». Movement brush should be smooth in the direction of the temples. From the bottom up blend a cosmetic product, avoiding going beyond the imaginary line. You can spend visually, falling down the cheek from the pupil of the eye.

On an oval

Special correction oval face not needed, but to emphasize his need. This can be done by understanding how to properly apply blush from the cheekbones up towards the temples. Mid cheeks – an important area that should be the brightest. Crossing below or above must be discreet, cosmetics are well feathered. It is important not to overdo it, as this form of face without correction is considered the most attractive.

The round

Chubby girls can often boast of chubby cheeks, so rude or the wrong makeup can spoil the effect. It is recommended to visually lengthen the face, directing the brush from the middle of the cheeks to the temples. Up tone becoming softer, so it’s important to shade properly. The main correction do the pencils on the lighter shade as blush just complement the image.

How to use blush

For comfortable use need a quality blush brush with soft bristles curved shape. Its length should be about 3 inches, brush width – 3.5 cm. This will ensure a pleasant and even application of blush on the face. Not having skills of work with the brush girls can use the fingertips or the tips.

In the balls

Great for girls with normal and even oily skin, but not dry blush in the balls – so-called ball. To tend to the allocation of sebaceous secretion the surface of the product hides the Shine, but it can be applied only after the basics. The movement of the hand should be point, in any case not necessary to do smears, if you want a natural effect. The secret of rejuvenating freshness – apply a matte blush on the places around the lips and cheeks, which become convex during smile.


Cream blush that often women define as a liquid, is applied to clean smooth skin tone. This is done in order to prevent a relapse of the creamy product. You must put your finger on a drop of blush on the apples of your cheeks and gently to distribute. To determine the «correct» place to smile. The product is suited to owners of dry or sensitive skin. It is not recommended to use with powder, only with Foundation: makeup will be pleasing to the eye to the end of the day.


Powder blush is suitable for any skin type. The best option they are for those who want to hide the misplaced sebum. Applied to the powder easy to mix with other colors. Well distributed and shaded, which creates a natural effect. The use of dry blush is suitable for evening and a light daytime makeup. The secret: do not apply the product near my nose, it is visually «add» the woman few years.

How to choose blush

Wondering how to choose a blush color? This is best done in a specialized shop, consulting the seller. The photo does not always conveys color cosmetics, so it’s best to consider it personally. If you select this cosmetic product should be based on your complexion, hair color. Stop look better in natural shades like peach, pink and apricot.

The closer the color of the product to the tone of your natural blush, the better. For fair skin choose a cold pink. Owners of dark-skinned individuals should choose warm, bronze shades. So you will achieve the desired result: the makeup is not unduly attract the gaze defiant, inappropriate colors. However, even a properly selected color is incorrect when applied will give an unhealthy appearance or to create the effect of doll face.

Blondes will suit both light and more saturated colors, but the latter should be treated carefully and not to overdo it. Red girl will look harmonious with beige, peach and pale pink blush on the cheeks. Brunettes it is better to choose warm colors (brown-beige, peach), rather than using orange and pale pink.

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